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1 Gang WiFi Smart Light Switch – Smart Life/Tuya, Alexa, Google Home, Moes House

Smart Life/Tuya 1 Gang Light Switch

This is a fantastic light switch, which allows you to use normal light bulbs but control the actual switch. Use Alexa or Google Home Assistant to turn on/Off your light. Really good for bathrooms, etc where you may want to make sure the light can come on by the light switch or where you need to use a specific type of light bulb.
This switch has a nice soft touch click button to switch the light on/off but can also be used through the Smart Life or Tuya app and smart speakers and can be connected to other devices through the app. Use the timer function to turn the light off/on in X minutes or connect to a PIR to turn the lights on when you go in to the room automatically and turn off again after X minutes of no PIR activation.

recommend that all IoT devices run on their own segregated Wi-Fi
network to protect your main network and its resources from any issues
and to ensure stability of the IoT devices to receive the best possible
performance. Please note that ALL IoT devices work on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
network and will NOT work on a 5GHz Wi-Fi network. If you are not sure
then we have for sale Wi-Fi access points that will support IoT devices.
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