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2 x E27 Smart Bulbs – Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Tuya, SmartLife & More

Our Wi-Fi GLS LED Smart Bulbs that works with Tuya & Smart Life on iOS and Android, Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers


***Special Offer***

Buy three units or more and get FREE upgraded delivery. All orders of 3 units or more will get Next business day delivery FREE of charge. Orders must be placed before cut-off. Orders placed after cut off will go next business day on the following day.


You can control this light bulb from your iOS/Android mobile device or by speaking to your smart speaker. Add any of our other great products from many other manufacturers to make them even smarter. Get Smart Scene switches or light switches to aid those who don’t want to use their voice or mobile device to operate them. We have a wide range of products available and can special order many devices that may not be available here at the moment. Visit us or contact us to find out more.

Group light bulbs, and other smart devices, together to get better control over them. Walk in to a room and announce “Lights” to your smart speaker of choice and see all the lights in that room come on!


This device uses Wi-Fi to connect and control the device. Your Wi-Fi must be on in order to turn the light off/on, etc.


NB: IoT Devices (Or Smart Devices) only work on 2.4 GHz network NOT on 5 GHz Wi-Fi. If you have both enabled with the same SSID (network name) then you may need to disable the 5GHz Wi-Fi network and complete the connection of your IoT device, then turn the 5GHz network back on again).

Bulb Features

  • White Light – Cold and Warm, gradient slider switch between them
  • Colour light – Red, Green and Blue primary with shades on a circle slider
  • Adjustable Hue and Brightness on a slider switch
  • A total of 16 million colour combinations available.
  • Editable Scenes – A must-have in today’s smart homes, make the scene do what you want.
  • Music Scene which changes the lights to the music – Have a party!
  • Program time of day to switch on/off
  • On/Off by countdown timer, great for automation, no more forgetting to turn off the lights!
  • Multiple planning timers including: Random timing, Cycle timing, Sleep plan & Wake up plan, Biorhythm, On/Off Plan
  • Schedule with notes, repeat or just once
  • Share with other house users or guests
  • Add to Home Screen for quick and easy access
  • Add to groups to control more devices at once
  • Create routines/smart scenes to make even more use of your IoT devices.



  • Voltage: AC 220V- 240V
  • Lamp holder: E27, B22 converter optional.
  • Wattage & Colour: RGB+WW+CW (RGB:4.5W, CW:9W, WW: 9W)
  • Instructions: English
  • Lamp size: c. 60*60*115 mm
  • Number of lamp beads: 22
  • Lumen: 806 lm

Package Includes

  • 2 Light Bulbs
  • Instruction Leaflet
  • (Optional 2x E27 to B22 Converters)
  • You also get 14 days FREE setup support on an 0800 UK FREE Phone number, available to UK residents only. Ticket support, with free call back, available after this time for the entire warranty period
  • VAT Invoice available (Please ask)



We are currently in the middle of changing our Energy Labelling in accordance with new labelling regulations as from October 2021. On the old Energy Rating System, the bulb was rated as A++, however with the new system allowing room for growth in efficiency and changing the way Light Bulbs are rated we, with all light bulbs now rated F in the new system. The Light Bulbs have not changed, just the marking system has been moved. You may receive bulbs with the old or new rating system on them as we move to the new system. Be assured that they are the same light bulbs, the product has not changed.


To learn more about why the government has changed the ratings system please read the following information from the Energy Saving Trust and Government information site:


We recommend that all IoT devices run on their own segregated Wi-Fi network to protect your main network and its resources from any issues and to ensure stability of the IoT devices to receive the best possible performance. Please note that ALL IoT devices work on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and will NOT work on a 5GHz Wi-Fi network. If you are not sure, then we have for sale Wi-Fi access points that will support IoT devices. See separate listing or get in touch.


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