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B22 WiFi Smart Dimmable Lightbulb RGBCDW works with Alexa/Google/Smart Life/Tuya

CritchCorp Smart – Smart Light Bulb

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B22 Smart Bulb Description

Works with Tuya, Smart Life and compatible Apps. Connect to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant smart speaker.
We are a UK company and this is our smart light bulb. We designed it for you with the right amount of features at a fantastic price. It also comes with great support. FREE phone 0800 number to help with setup, knowledge-base for most questions and a forum to help with those who want to think outside the box or just find out about other useful ways to use your Smart Light Bulbs. Also, our instructions are written in UK English; because we wrote them ourselves.

Easy Installation – Quick Setup

Use the Tuya/Smart Life Easy Installation. With the latest version of the app on a supported device and our Smart Light Bulbs, you can use the Quick Setup/Easy Install, once you have created your account. Setup within 30 seconds.
When you have set up the bulb in the app, you can create scenes and other functions. If you have already connected your smart speaker, then it will automatically show up in your smart assistant app.


  • Voltage: AC 220 – 240V
  • Lamp holder: B22
  • Wattage & Colour: RGB+WW+CW (RGB:4.5W CW:9 W+WW: 9W)
  • Instructions: English (UK)
  • Lamp size: C. 55*115 mm
  • Number of lamp beads: 22
  • Lumen: 806 lm
  • Do not use with a Dimmer switch (the App allows you to dim the lights, or use a Scene switch)


Package Includes


Energy Rating – IMPORTANT
We are currently moving to the new Energy Rating Standards. This means you
may receive a Light bulb with the Old Rating Standard (Rated A++)  or with the New Rating Standard (A++ converts to F in the new standard). Please read the government advice on Energy Ratings
We recommend that all IoT (AKA Smart) devices run on their own segregated
Wi-Fi network to protect your main network and its resources from any
issues and to ensure stability of the IoT devices to receive the best
possible performance. Please note that ALL IoT devices work on the
2.4GHz Wi-Fi network range and will NOT work on a 5GHz Wi-Fi network. If
you are not sure, then we have for sale Wi-Fi access points that will
support IoT devices. See separate listing or get in touch. FREE Support
available for 14 days.


CritchCorp Smart™

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