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CritchCorp E27 to B22 V1 bulb Converter, Make your E27 bulb work in a B22 socket

Convert your E27 bulb to use in a B22 socket. B22 is the most common light socket in the UK, but the Edison Screw (E27) is also commonly found. You can safely use the E27 bulb in the B22 socket as long as you use the correct converter, and the bulb is rated for the power supply.

Do your bit for the environment

We use at least 60% Recycled material for our packaging, and it can be recycled again.

UK Company, UK values, look after our planet starting at home.


100% brand new and high quality.

CE and UKCA mark

Quantity:1pcs, 2pcs, 3pcs or 5pcs

Free post on 1 pcs and free courier on 2, 3 & 5 packs

Colour: white

Works great with Smart Light Bulbs, LED Light Bulbs, Energy Saving Light Bulbs, etc.

E27 bulb adapter to B22.

Please follow and retain the product leaflet


Not suitable for use in animal enclosures and other specialist uses such as Halogen bulbs.

If you need something for extreme high temperatures or specialist uses, then we suggest you search for a Ceramic version which will be more suitable.

High temperature resistant (max 80 °C), anti-burning PBT and anti-ageing

Convert your E27 Light bulb in to a B22 Light Bulb

Stable performance and easy to install 

Size: Approx. 6.5*3.6 cm 

Suitable for all voltages (0 – 250 V)

Max 40W bulb.

Material: plastic and metal

Package Included:

E27 to B22 bulb adapter (x1, x2, x3 or x5)

Product Leaflet (Please retain for future reference)

Recyclable packaging – Follow the instruction on the back.


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