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Multipacks Tuya WiFi Door/Window Sensor, works with SmartLife, Alexa, Google

Smart door/window sensors (Wi-Fi version, no hub or existing alarm system needed). Detects when the connected door or window has been opened or closed. You can connect this to most existing Tuya/Smart Life alarm systems or use independently.
Turn your smart light bulb on when the door is opened. Turn the camera towards the activated window when it is opened. Set the alarm off when it is activated. The possibilities are endless.

UK company, UK stock and UK support. 0800 FREE phone number, forums, chat and email support.

*****PROMOTION – While Stocks Last*****

For a limited time, while stocks last, we are giving away the required batteries for this unit, they are not normally included with this product and when they are gone, they are gone.

Use it as stand-alone or with most existing Tuya/Smart Life Smart alarm systems. The app will alarm when the connection is broken or restored.
You can make your own functions with the app automations. Link to other devices, turn the lights on/off or start them flashing, set the siren off, receive a text or phone call to tell you that the device has entered alarm status or returned, turn the camera in that direction. The possibilities are endless.
Link to your smart speaker and create automations or routines in the smart speaker app. Announce that an intruder is in the house, start the dog barking skill, etc.
Use it for everyday tasks; when you come home and it is dark, turn on the lights when you open the door.
You can also link to your SmartThings devices and create routines with those devices.
We provide support for all our smart devices. See leaflet in box.
Eco packaging.


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