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Smart Dimmable Light Bulb B22/E27 UK, works with Alexa, Google, Tuya, Smart Life

Tuya/ Smart Life Smart Light Bulb – NOW with Easy Install

Smart light bulb that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers. Compatible with Tuya and Smart Life Apps and over 30,000 other compatible smart products from different manufactures. Get full home automation working in one app! If you already use either the Tuya or Smart Life App then you will know how great it is. Get all your smart devices working together with a powerful user platform to make your devices do more for you. Easily share devices with others in your household or any visitors.

Easy Install allows supported devices to easily pick up the light bulbs presence without having to select it form the list. Install usually take less than 60 seconds when using this method and in many cases less than 30 seconds. (Does not include the Smart Life/Tuya account creation time for your first smart device)

You can control this light bulb from your iOS/Android mobile device or by speaking to your smart speaker. You can add any of our other great products from many other manufacturers to make them even smarter. Get Smart Scene switches or light switches to aid those who don’t want to use their voice or mobile device to operate them. We have a wide range of products available and can special order many devices that may not be available here at the moment. Visit us or contact us to find out more.

Group light bulbs, and other smart devices, together to get better control over them. Walk in to a room and announce “Lights” to your smart speaker of choice and see all the lights in that room come on!

 – IoT Devices (AKA Smart Devices) only work on 2.4 GHz Wireless networks NOT on 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Ensure you have an active 2.4 GHz wireless network. In some cases you may need to disable the 5GHz network to install and then switch it back on after installation is complete. More help and support available on our Support Forum, Knowledge-base and phone.
 – This item cannot be used in a socket connected to a dimmer switch. The bulb handles the dimming, therefore putting it in a light socket that has a dimmer switch will break the light bulb. We do sell Smart Scene Switches too, so get in touch or look at our other listings.

Bulb Colours:
  • White Light – Cold to Warm
  • Colour light – Red, Green and Blue primary with shades
  • Adjustable Hue and Brightness
  • Gradient adjustable
  • 16 Million Colour Variations
  • Scenes including Music Scene which changes the lights to the music
  • 6 x programmable scenes


  • Voltage: AC 220 – 240V
  • Lamp holder: E27/B22 (Select the bulb fitting you require while ordering), Converters are available from us as well.
  • Wattage & Colour: RGB+WW+CW (RGB:4.5W CW:9 W+WW: 9W)
  • Instructions: English
  • Lamp size: C. 55*115 mm
  • Number of lamp beads: 22
  • Lumen: 806 lm
  • Do not use with a Dimmer switch (the App allows you to dim the lights, or use a Scene switch)

Package Includes:

  • 1 Light Bulb, 1 Instruction Leaflet
  • VAT Invoice available
  • English Company – Local Stock, no import duty!

Energy Rating – IMPORTANT
We are currently moving to the new Energy Rating Standards. This means you may receive a Light bulb with the Old Rating Standard (Rated A++)  or with the New Rating Standard (A++ converts to F in the new standard). Please read the government advice on Energy Ratings

We recommend that all IoT (AKA Smart) devices run on their own segregated Wi-Fi network to protect your main network and its resources from any issues and to ensure stability of the IoT devices to receive the best possible performance. Please note that ALL IoT devices work on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network range and will NOT work on a 5GHz Wi-Fi network. If you are not sure, then we have for sale Wi-Fi access points that will support IoT devices. See separate listing or get in touch. FREE Support available for 14 days.


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