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UK Smart Plug, works with Alexa/Google/Tuya/Smart Life, 16Amp Max, UK Stock

Monitor your electric usage and switch off devices that are using a lot of electricity when not needed. Plug any device in to this and monitor how much it is costing you. Turn it off and on when needed through schedules or with other smart devices.

Turn on the electric heater when the weather is cloudy or when the outside temperature is less than X Degrees C. (This can be done with the Smart Life app correctly configured and this device) Other scenarios may require other smart devices. EG. If you have a smart radiator valve, smart thermostat or indoor temperature gauge, then you can use that in the scenario instead or as well as the apps weather capabilities.

UK Seller and UK support. FREE phone number, forums, chat and email support. See leaflet enclosed with product.


– 16 Amp Max load

– Switch on/off via

   – physical switch

   – remote with the app

   – with your smart speaker

   – with your digital assistant (where supported)

   – using a schedule

   – using sunset/sunrise

   – using a random schedule

   – always turn off X seconds/minutes/hours after switching on

   – using a countdown timer

– 3 settings available for the power state, after power failure (On / Off / Last state)

– 4 possible light settings (Change what the status LED will do)

– Child lock (on/off)

– overcharge switch (on/off) – When a connected device is using less than 3W for 40 mins it will be turned off.

– connects to Smart Life energy monitoring, which allows you to monitor how much energy you are using in your home/office

⚠️ Warning

Please ensure that any connected device that is turned on/off is safe to do so, especially if doing it remotely.

E.g., ensure it will not cause a fire or accident by remotely turning on a heater.


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