At CritchCorp Computers Ltd we take security very seriously indeed, and Cloud Services are no exception. There are several layers of security that you can implement, including two factor authentication. You can control your whole company from our control panel add/remove accounts as needed, set permissions, reset passwords etc. Passwords for websites and webapps can be set so that staff cannot see the password and each user can set their own passwords, what ever works for you on a per site basis if needed. Our solutions will scale no matter how big your organisation, from one person to however many you have.

Managed and Self Managed Services

We also provide this as a managed services so that all you need to do is send an email, make a phone call or submit a support ticket and we will handle your request for you and even offer advice on the best way to achieve your goal.

Cloud Services Packages

You can get any of our cloud services as a standalone service but the best way is to get them bundled together. Order your cloud account.

You can now also get our Enterprise Password manager ConnectID for FREE. It will be available soon in the store but if you wish to have it sooner then please create an account and submit a support ticket. Will send you a link to activate your service.


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Cloud Email as a service

Cloud Email based on Microsoft Exchange

ConnectID Password Manager - Cloud services

Enterprise password manager ConnectID

Microsoft SharePoint

Your own Microsoft SharePoint server

Microsoft Skype for business

Microsoft Skype for business



ShareSync, a cloud service file sharing system that is secure and provdes ransomeware protection

ShareSync file share and colaboration


CritchCorp Computers Ltd provides cloud based services mostly based on Microsoft software but hosted on our own servers for added security. This is better for you as the Microsoft own servers are constantly under attack and ours are not. We keep things up to date with updates and security patches, another thing you don’t have to worry about.