Cloud Services

You have probably used cloud services, even if you don’t know it!

What are cloud services? They are services that used to only be available to large businesses that had their own private cloud. Now, thanks to falling prices everyone can have all the cloud services that the large companies have for your small, medium or large business or even at home, at a fraction of the cost. People have been using cloud services for home users for a while such as google apps, Microsoft 365 and Apple iCloud products, but with all of these there are the inherent security problems with people being hacked and the provider giving or changing the password for someone who is not the account holder, all in the name of customer service, see our blog post from a couple of years ago here about how that is not always what you want.

At CritchCorp Computers Ltd we take security very seriously indeed. There are several layers of security that you can implement, including two factor authentication. Nominated person(s) who can change details through support and there is a control panel for you to manage your staff accounts. Add or remove, increase or decrease quotas through your control panel instantly. This is great for companies of any size, families or individuals to use and know they are secure as there is a reduced attack vector and you can keep all your passwords securely online in your account and just remember the master password using our ConnectID Web App.

Checkout the Cloud Apps you get with each account:

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