Single-Sign-On (SSO) is not something that is new. It what Microsoft has done for decades to allow you to use several services on your computer, especially in a business/corporate environment. Now you can do it for all your Cloud or Web Apps through ConnectID which allows you to save your credentials securely in ConnectID, then when you go to the site or open the Web App you will automatically be signed in. You just need to remember the master password. Your passwords are safe and cannot be read by you or anyone else. They are hashed and stored in encrypted form so they are safe. If you change a password then when you next sign in to the webpage or App then it will ask you if you want to update the password. You can also save multiple credentials for each App and you will be presented with a choice when you open the page/App.

ConnectID now comes with unlimited Apps and there are more than 62,000 apps already setup in the control panel so you can just search for the App you want and add it to your home page and then add to your Favourites the ones you use the most.

The Admin can also do the following:

  • Add new Apps (with credentials if needed) for all users
  • Add new apps available to groups of users
  • Add extra fields or change field names if the site/app uses custom fields
  • Statistics on number of apps used/logins
  • Group users and assign Apps
  • Assigned apps are not removable by the user

There is much more that you can do. Try one of cloud accounts now. Open a support ticket and ask for a 30 day trial of our cloud accounts so you can try all of the cloud apps with no restrictions.