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Apple FaceTime flaw


This is an urgent alert for Apple FaceTime users. A serious flaw has been discovered in Apples FaceTime app on all platforms.

The remedy

Until further notice, Apple recommends turning off FaceTime on your devices and Apple computers.

To do this, go to SETTINGS —> FaceTime and then turn off.


If you simply cannot live without Facetime, then you need to read the next bit to see what the problem is and how it affects you.

What has happened

Today, Tuesday 29th January 2019, Apple has reported that they have discovered a serious flaw in their FaceTime app. In short, the issue is that the person calling you may be able to hear or see you before you accept or decline the call. So if you don’t want to turn it off then you must remember that they may be able to see you or hear you before you answer, so no swearing about who‘s calling you!
Apple are working on the issue and will hopefully have a patch out later this week or next week so make sure you update your devices.
They have begun turning off the group chat function on their servers which is believed to be the cause of the issue but some users are still reporting the problem exists.
We will let you know when it is fixed.
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