Telephone, Broadband & Leased Lines

CritchCorp Computers Ltd is registered with OfCom for all our telephone and broadband services.

Telephone (PSTN, ISDN, Multiline, SIP)

As Open Reach is now a separate company to the BT Group, given its own autonomy we are seeing better service levels to everyone else. We have always had excellent access to the Open Reach systems to book and follow up on jobs, but now we can almost interact with the engineers and pass on relevant information to them directly through their own system, This gives us an advantage over the larger companies that have to ring fence off this level of access to their third line support teams. We carry out our own fault diagnostics and diagnostics using the Open Reach systems and then can book an Engineer visit and update the notes. This means that we generally get every fault fixed on the first visit, although sometimes a repeat visit is necessary if they need parts that they don’t carry. We have successfully resolved many line issues with minimal fuss.

Get the line that is right for you.

PSTN line (Single)

A Single PSTN line is the most common for small business, it is essentially the same as a Home line but the business version comes with slightly higher fix times. Car Levels are not SLAs but a try to fix within that time. Business Lines come with Care Level 2 as standard and you can upgrade if you have a need to get things fixed quicker. Care Level 4 (Critical Care) is the highest.

PSTN – Multiline

Multiline is similar to the single line but it allows multiple inbound/outbound calls to be made at the same time. Found mostly in small to medium businesses it is now more frequently being replaced by SIP trunks. IF you have one of these we can take you on so you can benefit from our call prices.

ISDN lines

ISDN lines come in 2 or 30 lines and support multiple numbers, known as DDIs. This type of line will terminate in a PBX on site, mainly found in medium to large businesses. Although these days they are being replaced by the more cost effective and useful SIP trunks.

SIP Trunks

SIP trunks are the most common type of VoIP line that is used today in businesses and even homes. You can have a SIP trunk that terminates in your phone but more common is that they will terminate in a PBX. You can then direct the call based on what number is called, who is calling and what time of day it is

Broadband Internet

WE use multiple wholesale broadband providers to ensure we can give the best service to our clients. We buy wholesale much like most broadband providers do, but we give you the best connection and that is usually the business version rather than the home version. Other companies give you the cheapest version but we understand how the internet works and how supply works. The home versions may say that they are the same speed but in actual fact they have greater, in some cases much greater, connection ratios. You want to go faster, stop sharing the line with others. FTTC and ADSL products are shared line products, you may have your own line to the green box but from there (sometimes a bit further down the line) to the exchange and certainly to the internet you are sharing your line with up to 300 other Home subscribers or 50 other business subscribers. The business product is quicker because less people are sharing the line.

If the internet is important to you or your company (some have a critical business needs for internet connections) then you really should look at the new entry level Leased Lines and even the full Leased Lines. They all come with SLAs and a phone number to call 24 hours a day if there is a problem.


This is now an out dated type of broadband and is being replaced with ADSL 2+. We will not offer this product to you unless it is the only one available. It offers speeds of up to 8Mbps downstream.


This is the standard for ADSL connections at the moment. If you want ADSL or there is just no fibre connection available then this is what you get. It offers speeds of up to 24Mbps downstream. This product is now also being retired. In areas that have FTTC connections wholesalers are removing the equipment for ADSL. It is now only used in these locations as a backup to leased lines.


This is the norm for any broadband connection today. It is a fibre connection (Fibre To The Cabinet). That means that there is a fibre connection up to the green box in the street, which has greatly improved the speed for most people. It comes in Residential and Business flavours and you can have a business FTTC connection at home for your home office or just for the house. The fastest is currently up to 80Mbps at the moment, although the lines are capable of much more.


This is still not available everywhere, but it is worth the wait. This is Fibre To The Premises, that means you get a fibre connection all the way up to your house. Unlike the Virgin Fibre which is actually only FTTC and then coax the rest of the way. These connections are fibre and a little more expensive than the FTTC products but worth the extra and over time they will become cheaper as they become more the norm.

Leased Lines

Leased lines are the best broadband you can get. They utilise similar technology as home broadband but with several advantages. The best leased lines are fully fibre all the way, they can offer up to 1GB speeds in both directions, these as you can imagine are rather more expensive than any basic internet connection. The prices have however fallen and with new technologies available you can now get an EoFTTC connection for around £150/month and with FREE installation (subject to survey). This is an Ethernet connection over Fibre To The Cabinet so it is quicker to start with, then you add in the leased line common elements and you can’t beat it for home or small businesses. The SLAs mean you will be back up and running as quick as possible or they start to pay you! You also get a dedicated 24 hour phone number to call if there is a problem with the line itself.

Common elements for leased lines are:

  • You don’t share the line with anyone else, it is all yours. Normal residential broadband is shared between at least 50 other subscribers up to around 300 subscribers (depending on provider) and business broadband is usually share with up to 30 other subscribers (which is why getting a business connection in your home usually works better and faster than a home product).
  • You get an SLA on a leased line. This is a contractual agreement to get the service back up and running with in a set time or they face compensating you. This is different again from normal ADSL, FTTC & FTTP connection because they only come with an aim to fix and absolutely no guarantees. You can pay for enhanced care levels but they are still an aim to fix not an SLA until the top levels and then you are usually above the cost of a leased line.
  • They do not require you to pay for a phone line separately.
  • They come with an out of hour’s phone number to call if there is a problem that needs urgent attention.
  • You get financial compensation of it is not fixed with in the SLA.

Therefore if your business requires broadband, and yes, we have seen businesses fail because there BT retail connection could not be fixed for 8 weeks and much much longer for a sky connection, then you really need to get a leased line. It is amazing how much your business depends on your internet connection these days and it is generally not until it’s gone that you realise this. Try it today, disconnect your internet connection and see how long you can last without it! Most won’t even do this, if that’s you, then you need a Lease Line and as the EoFTTC products are far cheaper it makes sense to get one now.

Don’t get caught short. Click here to get a free quote for a leased line, with no obligation. Once we receive enough details to give you an accurate quote you can decide to progress or not. Once ordered and signed for you are committed to the term (1 or 3 years). There will then be a survey by an engineer to see if there are any Excess Construction Fees (ECF) that would be due, if there are then you will have the option to continue and pay the fees or cancel the order with no charge.  Get a quote today and see how affordable it is.