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Cloud Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

We provide you with Microsoft SharePoint in order for you to create your own intranet website and to be able collaborate with others in your company on files and folders.

Microsoft SharePoint has proved very popular in businesses of all sizes because of its ability to expand to whatever size you need. The intranet websites are great for showing internal information inside the business. The file sharing is great as it allows for file management and version control. In larger businesses they may have a whole intranet site per department or geographic location.

Who uses Microsoft SharePoint

Around 200,000,000 people use Microsoft SharePoint. Almost 80% of fortune 500 companies use it. It currently hold about 75% of the market share for content collaboration tools. 80% of small to medium sized businesses use it for their intranet and 65% fo them prefer the cloud version.

Why should I use it

If you are a small to medium sized business then it can help you organise your files and share files with the relevant people. Allowing access to those who need it and not others. It allows you to keep track of who is editing a file, so you don’t get duplicate files or files that get forked.

It also allows you to make intranet sites that may be useful for current or future projects. Informing staff about up-coming events, or for keeping your staff handbook on, so everyone can read it. There are many reasons to use it. We provide you with enough to get started with your own intranet site and along with ShareSync you can also get all your files stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. With cloud SharePoint you can access that from anywhere also. That means it is even more useful than a traditional intranet site. It still requires you to login to see the content, but can be done from home or the office.

If you are a large business, then it becomes even more useful, and indeed a must. You can use it for all the same reasons as small to medium sized business but everything will be scaled up. That is the great thing about Share Point, is that it can be scaled to meet your needs. The needs of any sized business can be met with Cloud Share Point.

What else do I get

With our cloud accounts you get all the tools you need to start collaborating with each other. You can also collaborate with those outside your organisation.

Get your cloud account now.

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