CritchCorp Computers Ltd Computer and Network Support

Complete Computer Support

Complete Computer Support has been our motto since 2000 and almost became our company name. This is what we stand for though and so it remains our motto today. Everything to do with computers. We can supply computers and network equipment and internet connections as well as software. As it says complete computer support.

Computer and Network Support

We have vast experience in computer hardware, network management and administration. We specialise in computer and network support & security. With over 18 years of looking after customer networks, computers, Macs and connected devices we can support most company networks. We support small companies and businesses in the Thames Valley and M3 & M4 areas. Whether you have 1 PC in a home office or are a larger company with several domain controllers over multiple sites. Microsoft and Apple certified engineers are available to help with your network issues.


Cloud Networking

If you are ready for the cloud then we can make it happen for you. We don’t rely on the big companies who have had so many security problems, such as Microsoft 365, Google cloud or Apple iCloud because we have our own solution.We would be happy to arrange a 30 day trial for you to evaluate our cloud solution. Our Cloud services can help protect you against the damage of a Ransomeware attack. That is because it provides a real-time backup but it is also protected from changes to historical data.

Cloud networking and cloud services

GDPR and UK Data Protection Act 2018

We can also make sure you network conforms to the new European GDPR which is the Data Protection Act 2018 in the UK. Security has been at the heart of everything we do and can provide you with the know-how to keep you and your customers safe.

On-site and Remote Support

Proactive and reactive support. We use a combination of on-site and remote support to keep you going. When we come on site we can see things that may be missed by only using remote support, so our contracts contain an element of both. We get to know your business so that we can support you in the best way possible. Our portal allows you to manage how you want your staff to contact us and raise tickets, everyone or just a select few, it’s up-to-you and with phone numbers for quick fixes or emergency outages we can react to your needs.

Fill in your contact details below to request a meeting to discuss your needs. If you need urgent support please submit a support ticket, we will call you back to see what we can do. Or you can call on 0800 612 1029 (Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00).

Our contract clients also get contact details for their account manager or senior engineer for quicker access in emergencies.