Website Security & GDPR

From July 2018 Google and Google Chrome will start to warn visitors to your website if you do not have a secure connection; whether you need one or not. Their aim is to force everyone to use an HTTPS connection. If your visitors need to enter any kind of personal data then they really do need to do this over a secure connection to avoid having their data intercepted and stolen. If you need to enter a username and password to edit your website then you really need to have one also as it could be hijacked if someone gets your username and password. The hijackers can then start to steal people’s personal data in your name without your knowledge. This would cause a serious breach under the new GDPR (Data Protection Law updated 2018).

We can help you to prevent this and to prevent any negative publicity or warnings from Google and Google Chrome who will start to advertise the fact that you site is not secure when people arrive there rather than promoting the fact that a site is secure. Secure will now be the norm.

Keep your visitors and customers safe, secure your website against hackers

SSL Certificates

We provide SSL certificates (or TLS if you’re in the know) from Comodo, Digicert, GeoTrust and Symantec. There are generally two levels of certificate that offer different levels of security to your visitor. The basic level which is easier to get and costs the least, through to the Extended certificates which will provide your visitors with a Green bar or Green highlight in some way to show you’re secure and have been vetted by the provider to prove you are who you say you are. They all provide a secure connection to your website so that your visitors traffic cannot be sniffed or hijacked.

For our hosting customers we provide a free shared certificate and also a fully fitted service for those who wish to have their own dedicated certificate. See here for our SSL certificate prices.

Thousands of Hacked websites daily. Keep yours safe

Website Security

Once you have a secure connection you have managed to eliminate much of the security problems but there is still a chance that they can get in and place malicious software on your website. To monitor this we recommend you use a Malware scanner. It does essentially the same thing an antivirus program on a computer does. It will notify you of any software that shouldn’t be there and any changes to your website. It can also automatically remove it for you.

This is very important because if Google or other search engines find out that you have malware on your website they will actively prevent visitors from going to your site with a big red message about the site being infected. This can last long after you have cleaned up the site. See here for prices of malware checkers/removers. Don’t gamble with your reputation and your visitors data.

TrueSeal - Promoting trust on the internet


Build up trust with your visitors by getting yourself a TrueSeal website seal. These show that you take your responsibility towards your customers and visitors seriously. We offer several different levels and we will check out you and you your business and then assure visitors that you are who you say you are. We also keep a register of all websites/businesses and their certificate numbers so they can be matched at any time. SSL certificates numbers cannot be forged. Most forged websites have something slightly different in the address meaning they can get a legitimate SSL certificates and look exactly like you in every way, except they cannot be verified as you by the certificate number of your SSL certificate. Whilst an SSL certificate is not required for all levels it makes it easier to identify you. You can read more about our TrueSeal website seals and even order one righ now.

Get your website backedup

Website backup

Remember in the old days when you would backup your cassette tapes and vinyl records to tape, well it is the same for your website. It is your responsibility to keep your website backed up at all times. Especially before you do any changes to your site as it can all go wrong far too easily sometimes. We have a great backup solution for you. It is automated and backups up your website daily so you don’t have to worry. Receive notifications after each backup or just when there is a problem, it’s up to you. You can use our website backup whether or not you have hosting with us. Sign up now and give yourself peace-of-mind.