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Cloud Email

Cloud email is everywhere these days, but what is it? Well in short it is email that can be accessed from anywhere and can be stored on the internet “in the cloud”. Generally, if you have used email, then you have used cloud email. The great thing about newer email systems is that they allow you to synchronise between devices, so you can have multiple devices or computers attached to a single email account and all the mail, replies can be seen on all devices and when you have read an email it shows as read automatically on all the other devices. One of the most popular technologies for businesses today is Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange tends to encrypt the connection between servers automatically when possible. Normally email servers do not encrypt the connection. You can still upgrade the encryption to give you end-to-end encryption which means that only the person you are sending the email to can open it and that is easy to implement in our solution. Our Cloud email solution is based on Exchange 2013, and we are constantly upgrading and updating it. Security between servers by default and you can upgrade to get end-to-end encryption too.

With our Cloud Email accounts you can:

  • Sync all your devices (some devices require special add-ons, such as enterprise blackberry and OMA).
  • Everyone in your account can see each other’s calendars to see availability and schedule meetings, etc. You can set the level of detail you share with others add other users to have full access or even manage your calendar for you.
  • Add resources.
  • Public folders (for everyone in your account to use, such as contacts lists, email stores, calendars, etc.)
  • Synchronise your contacts with all your devices.
  • Add as much detail as you like to each contact, multiple addresses, phone numbers email accounts and add notes too.
  • Synchronise your tasks lists between your devices and mark them off when done.
  • Notes can also be synchronised between devices that support it.
  • Spam and virus control is also included; receive daily emails with a list of the spam so that you can check to see if anything has been missed. Control your whitelist and blacklist information.
  • The minimum account comes with 2 GB; most accounts come with unlimited email account size.


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