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Your Website

Your website is often the first thing that new customers will see. It is important that it says who you are and what you are about. Even if you are not selling on-line, it is still important. Your new website design must have this in mind. We have new design software and a new pricing structure to go with it. Now it is easier to get going with a managed site.

Get your New Website

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Refresh your current site or a new site?

Whether you are refreshing your current site or need a completely new website, we can help. We have designed and published many websites for many customers. Whether you know what you want or have seen other sites that do things you want to do, or you have no idea, we can make the site for you. If you see a site that does something, then we can probably already do that. Some people look around at other sites and choose the best bits of them, then we make the perfect site for you. Don’t have a clue what you need? No problem, we can come up with a completely unique website for you. Get in touch today to start the process.

What is a managed website site?

A managed website is one that we create for you, then we maintain it for you and update/refresh it for you. You don’t need to worry about the technical side at all. It is all managed for you. You can be as involved in the process as much as you want. Management fees are included in the hosting fees. Site redesign fees are a one-off fee. Site software fees are paid annually. Using our new software, we can now charge less for making the site in the first place, which helps to save you money on your new website. Get in touch to find out more.

I want to create my own site

If you want to do your own website, you can. We have a number of technologies available for you to design and create your own website, depending on what you are used to or what you want the site to do. You can try a number of technologies until you find the one that’s right for you. You can also put up a holding page or a “Coming Soon” page, while you make your website. This gives your contact details, so people can get in touch before your site is complete. We have been helping people to get online for over 15 years now and have had our own servers that long also. Website security is very important too. Get in touch about keeping your site safe, as different technologies have different requirements. If you sell online make sure you are DSS-PCI compliant, we can assist with that too.

Which technology do I need to build my site with?

There are many ways to build a website these days. Most popular ways include using a common framework (or back-end) such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, or a website builder such as Weebly, Wix, a site publisher or a site maker.

If you need a powerful website that is very flexible and do pretty much anything, then we recommend WordPress. If you need something simple yet exceptional looking, then we can recommend using the FREE site publisher available in your account.

Get your WordPress Hosting, 1 site or Agencies. Easy install and easy management features.
WordPress is a great, stable and maintained platform – Read more about it.

When you purchase a Feature Rich Hosting (cPanel) account, you get access to a wealth of tools.

With a Feature Rich Hosting (cPanel) account, you get the following to aid you make a website:

  • cPanel WordPress Toolkit
  • Softaculous (around 400 1-click-install software titles)
  • cPanel Site Publisher – Put up a page while you make your website, or just leave that there permanently.
  • Site Pad – FREE site builder

cPanel Site Publisher and Site Pad

cPanel’s Site Publisher is free with every cPanel account that we do on our Feature Rich Hosting Account (cPanel), Site Pad is free with every Pro and Business cPanel account. Both of these are very easy to use. Fill in some basic contact information and that is all you need for Site Publisher and as much as you want to add for Site Pad. They both do not require any programming knowledge.

FREE Websites

Normally we wouldn’t recommend a free anything as there is a whole host of issues with free things. Our Free Hosting Accounts have a great many uses. Our new FREE Hosting Account, come with everything you need to get a great website going, with no programming knowledge required. There are many reasons to get one. You can get one too. They are Free, and we do not use your data for anything else, unlike some other free services.

Spaces are limited, though, so you may have to wait. Check out the FREE Hosting Page to see if it currently open. If you desperately need one, then get in touch, and we will see what is available. Whilst you can use your free account for as long as you need, we ask that you return it when you don’t need it any more, so that someone else can have it. Terms and conditions apply.

We have exceptional rates for building websites based on your needs, so for a free quote please click here.

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