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Your website is often the first thing that new customers will see. It is important that it says who you are and what you are about. Even if you are not selling on-line, it is still important. Your new website design must have this in mind.

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Refresh your current site?

We can refresh your current site. If you have had your site for a long time then it could be time for a change. Give your site a new look and feel but keep the content the same. This is a cost effective way to a new more modern looking site. If you are re-branding then this can also be a good option.

Starting from scratch or don’t have one yet?

If you don’t have a website yet or you want a brand new one then this is what you need. We can make you a new site from scratch. This is what most people do an it means writing all of the page copy from scratch. This will make it more relevant and we can make the content around the site rather than making thee site around the content. If you want to get a new website then get touch and we will make it happen.

Which technology do I need to build my site with?

There are many ways to build a website these days. Most popular ways include using a common framework (or back-end) such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, or a website builder such as Weebly, Wix, Site Publisher or Site Maker. If we are building your site for you then we will most likely use WordPress. This is a very mature and supported framework and we have a lot of experience with it. We will look at your requirements first to make sure that it is right for you. It is such a powerful CMS that it is right for just about everyone.

Get your WordPress Hosting, 1 site or Agencies, unlimited resources
WordPress is a great stable and maintained platform – Read more about it.

You could also make your own website if you have enough experience but you may like something easier. When you purchase a Feature Rich Hosting (cPanel) account you get access to a wealth of tools. If you do want to try it yourself then we recommend this approach unless you know you want to use WordPress, in which case you might choose WordPress Hosting.

With a Feature Rich Hosting (cPanel) account you get the following to aide you make a website:

  • WordPress 1 click install
  • Up to 400 other 1 click install software to choose from (delete it and try another one or install multiple software in different folders)
  • Other notable 1 click installs include Joomla and Drupal
  • cPanel Site Publisher
  • 4 x Weebly Plans

Weebly Hosting Plans

Weebly website software hosted with CritchCorp Computers Ltd

If you have never heard of Weebly, then you are in the minority. Weebly is a well known hosted WYSIWYG. They have made some great software that will help you to build a site. Like cPanel’s Site Publisher What You See Is What You Get. This makes it easy to make a website with little or no programming knowledge. If you choose to do your new website design with Weebly, we host your site but you use their software editor to design it. The great thing with hosting your Weebly website with us is that you have easy access to support and other tools, such as SEO marketing and email accounts.

cPanel Site Publisher

cPanel’s Site Publisher is free with every cPanel account that we do on our Feature Rich Hosting Account (cPanel). This is because it is a great and easy way to get online quick. There are some templates and you just choose what copy to put on it and what pictures. You can fill in the required information easily because there is no programming knowledge required. You can have a powerful presence with one of these sites.

FREE Websites

Normally we wouldn’t recommend a free anything as there is a whole host of issues with free things. Our Free Hosting Sites have a great many uses. They are great as a holding page or a personal page to share who you are. Some people use them as a maintenance page for their main site. There is many reasons to get one. You can get one too. They are Free and we do not use your data for anything else, unlike some other free services.

We have exceptional rates for building websites based on your needs, so for a free quote please click here.

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CritchCorp – Winner 2020 UK Enterprise Award

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