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FREE Hosting, FREE Websites, FREE SSL, FREE eMail

CritchCorp Computers Ltd is proud to announce our new FREE Hosting Accounts. They come with FREE Website Creator software that enables you to create your own website without the need for coding. FREE SAN SSL certificate to keep your site visitors safe, and your webmail/email secure. FREE eMail to make your communications with your site visitors more professional.

What do you get

Each free account comes with the following resources:

  • 50 MB Disk space
  • 1000 MB Data Transfer per month
  • 1 Email account (50 MB storage)
  • FREE CritchCorp Site Creator (Site Pad)
  • UNLIMITED pages
  • FREE SAN SSL certificate (Includes webmail etc.)
  • FREE virus scan of website files
  • FREE subdomain name (if required) or you can use your own domain name or purchase a brand new domain to use.
  • Upgrades available to FREE allocations (Cancel/downgrade anytime)
  • Unlimited Plan now available

Our new FREE hosting is so good, you might forget that it is FREE. Each FREE account has enough resources to build at least 5 page website. If you optimise your pictures correctly, you can get a lot more. There is no limit to the number of pages you can create, except the disk space. Start with a 5 page template and make your own. There are hundreds of templates to choose from more are constantly being added.

Domain Name or subDomain

Already own a domain name? Registered with us or elsewhere, you can use it with our FREE hosting accounts. Don’t have a domain but have an idea for one? You can purchase a new domain name to use with the FREE hosting, prices start at £7.00/year. Want to keep with the FREE theme? You can use one of our FREE subDomains. Tell us what you would like to use (Typically your name) and we will send you the link to use it with. Contact us for more details about availability.

NOTE: We will not tolerate offensive or potentially offensive names.


General Access to the FREE accounts is currently:

Access to the FREE service is controlled by demand for it and resources. In order to make sure that all the FREE accounts operate at their best, we occasionally stop general access. This allows us to perform maintenance, ensure everyone is following the terms and conditions and remove any unwanted accounts. (see terms and conditions). If needed we will then increase the number of servers and open it again when ready. We operate a waiting list in the waiting time and can reserve subDomain names for a small one-off fee. During the closed registration time we keep open to some restricted access allocations

Restricted access allocations

  • Charities with a short/medium term need
  • New businesses with a short/medium term need
  • Short term projects
  • Anyone else with short term needs
  • Certain entities with long term needs

Terms of Use (Simplified) for FREE Hosting

Some Terms and conditions apply; you can read the full terms and conditions here before you sign up.

Terms and conditions in short (Easy read version).

  • SPAM, illegal and/or immoral, distasteful use is not allowed (no we don’t allow porn, spam or fraudulent sites)
  • attempting to hack or otherwise bypass security is not permitted
  • You must keep your FREE site up-to-date and login frequently. If you do not we will attempt to contact you before we delete it. We will make several attempts to contact you first.
  • We do not warrant that the service is fit for any specific use and your use of it is at your own risk
  • We will close your FREE account if you break any of the rules and in some cases ban you from opening another one
  • We do not allow File sharing of any sort, including but not limited to FTP uploads, video storage, CCTV uploads, backup sites, etc. Certain extremely high bandwidth sites may not be allowed. We have some other cost effective options which maybe more suitable for your needs.

Fair Usage Policy

  • FREE for Life, if you want it
  • Respect your neighbours, it is a shared server that costs you nothing, but it does cost, so don’t try to over work it.
  • Acknowledge, when it is time to upgrade, rather than wait for us to say so.
  • Use it as it is intended to be used, don’t abuse it.
  • Use the Forums and knowledge base to try to find help yourself first.
  • If you need help with something, feel free to contact us, but be patient as we have paying customers as well to help.
  • We reserve the right to remove/stop/modify the service at anytime.

We are friendly people, so if you are not sure about something, then please get in touch and ask.

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