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About Our Online Shops

Why do you have two online shops

Our online shops, we believe, give our customers the choice of where to buy. Whilst we cannot be active everywhere, we are doing our best to expand our availability.

We believe that these two online shopping platforms provide the best access for customers. Here is a brief summary of both.

eBay Online Store

Our eBay store is well established and eBay themselves are a well known and trusted platform. They offer buy protections, giving peace of mind to buyers. Our exceptionally high feedback score is a testament to our excellent customer service and our product quality. If you are an eBay user, then you may feel happy buying on this platform.

About Our Online Shops - Visit our eBay Store to see all our great products.

We have sold thousands of items through our eBay Store, it was originally setup in our brand name of CritchCorp Smart, so our eBay store is “critchcorpsmart”. This was because we wanted to share our smart products with everyone, and we did that. Now we have grown a bot more and have many smart products for sale in our eBay online store. We have grown the retail side of the business to include other electronics such as network equipment and more recently resin incense, and associated products. We offer ready-made bundles on this platform as well. You can access it directly by going to or by clicking any of the buttons around our site relating to eBay.

Shopify Online Shop &

If you use the Shop app, then you will know Shopify. They provide shopfronts and payment solutions for many of the high street brands and many great online only retailers. They are very experienced shopping software hosted on their servers for added protection. Shopify provides a very reasonably priced shop experience for customers. This allows us to give better discounts on this platform. When you purchase on the, you get buyer protections that mean you can feel safe when you purchase your goods from here.

About our online shops - Shopify

In our Shopify online shop, you can now also get gift cards for use in our shop. This is great to give as a gift as we have a lot to choose from now.

You can access our Shopify online shop directly from any of the buttons on our site, or by going direct to is the app and marketplace powered by Shopify and a great place to shop for your gift ideas. We can now be found in there too. Download the Shop app now and start shopping.

Our Shopify online shop will also start to sell wholesale items, which offer greater discounts when buying in bulk. These will be great for OEMs who wish to purchase more and not necessarily need the retail boxes, and so can save even more. They will not be restricted to businesses, so watch out for some great deals coming up in our Shopify online shop.

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