Everyone has heard of Drop Box, Box, iCloud, One Cloud as they all do the same thing. They allow you to put your documents “in the cloud” and access them from different places or devices. Some do a better job than others and they all have some features that the other doesn’t and they all cost around the same. If you are brand loyal then you may choose one for that reason. You may have also heard of online backup providers such as Crash Plan, Jungle Disk, Amazon S3 and so on. They are online backup solutions and they do their job, some are better than others in terms of security and usability.

So what’s the problem?

Well you could have one of each of these and you would be well protected against some issues (and they create some other issues). Both the cloud backup and the cloud sharing/storage providers charge around the same, so you have two bills to pay, and you are not sure what the security is like as they all claim to have the most up-to-date security and have all the buzz words, such as AES256 and hashing. Unfortunately people are still losing their data to hackers and you only generally get to hear about the famous people who get hacked.

What is the solution?

ShareSync is the only solution that can allow you to share your files or folders with who you choose inside and outside your organisation but also acts as a cloud backup allowing you to access your data in the event that your computer is down or your file server is down (using the file server version). It is also the only file sharing solution to provide Ransom Ware protection.

This is probably the biggest point with ShareSync. Ransomware is a malicious piece of software that enters your network, usually though an email, or malicious advert on a website (it has happened though Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo) or a hacked website (over 1000 websites are hacked every week). Once it is on your computer it will start to encrypt all of your data and then it will look out on the network and encrypt everything it can there too. It will then ask for a ransom in order to get your data back, typically around £300 per infected computer. Unfortunately, paying the ransom doesn’t always mean that you are going to get your data back. If you have a tape backup or online backup then you can probably recover it from those but it does take a lot of time. If you only have Drop Box or Box or one of those solutions then you have probably lost your data because it will encrypt those too. You can read more about this problem here.

How does ShareSync help me against Ransomware attacks?

ShareSync is the only provider that gives you restore points for your data in the cloud. If your data is encrypted on your computer, it will also encrypt the cloud version. Luckily you can go to the website and recover all your data (or just a file/folder) to a previous version, i.e. before it was encrypted. Windows has this ability also but most ransomware makers know this and they encrypt the local restore points and previous versions too, however they cannot do this with the ShareSync versions as you can only access them from the website, so you are protected against ransomware attacks.

Share sync will also be able to help if you have a disaster on your main PC/Server as you can access you data from anywhere with an internet connected PC.

Backup and file sharing with version control all in one and not at double the price!