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Cloud Files – Data Backup and Collaboration

When talking about Cloud Files, we care a lot about security. That is why we bring you ShareSync. It is the most secure collaboration tool that we have ever seen.

Cloud File Security

Security is the number one factor when considering which cloud service to use. Unfortunately, most cloud file services think about functionality or features first and security second. Share Sync is build form the ground up with security in mind.

Backup your Files – Cloud Files

Backup all your files to the cloud. This is very important in case your computer suddenly dies/lost and you don’t have any other copies of them. Also useful if you get a new computer; you don’t need to copy all the data across to the new one. It will come across automatically.

Backups are still a crucial part of using any kind of data. You must keep it all backed up as it can go wrong so easily.

Get your files backed up now!

Ransomware – even attacks file backups

Ransome-ware attacks continue to hit every business. We have dealt with several new customers who have been hit by one and the biggest problem they have is, no backups or ineffective backups. This problem can put anyone out of business.

ShareSync automatically backs up your files and keeps records of changes. This means, if you don’t have our Antivirus solution, and you get hit by a Ransome-ware virus you can still get your files back.


You can easily collaborate with others, both inside your organisation and outside. Allow access to a file or to a whole folder or folders. File collaboration made easy.

Cloud Files allows you to collaborate with others.

IT does a whole lot more than that also. First though collaboration or cloud file sharing, is the ability to let someone else access one of your files or folders. That way you can both see the file that is being talked about

File Share Clashes

One of the biggest issues with most file sharing systems, is the lack of the ability to tell you when someone else is working on the file. This leads to clashes, duplicate files and headaches to fix it.

If you share a folder and two of you are trying to work on the same file, you don’t have to manage emailing the file back and forth or integrating the changes tot he master file. You can both work on the file and if by chance you try at the same time, ShareSync will flash a message in Word to tell you that someone is working on it already.

Cloud Files SSD Space

All our Cloud accounts come with a generous allocation of disk space to store files. The best part is, that if you add more users you get more space. All space from all users is pooled together or all to use. This means that you don’t have space tied up that you are paying for that isn’t being used. It is not tied to a specific user. so those who use more than average will still have space because of those that use less than average.

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