Microsoft rejecting emails as spam

Microsoft blocks emails from legitimate sources

Once again in the war on spam, there are friendly casualties. Many users are reporting that their emails are not getting through to Hotmail and users. Some of our clients are reporting that they are not receiving emails to their Microsoft email addresses from us. This of course risks users not receiving important emails about their domains and services. Read More

New name for our store

We have rebranded our store from yesDomains to It has now been rebranded to our CritchCorp brand to make it more clear and easy to use. yesDomains links will continue to work for most of January but will then be repurposed after this time to make a new site dedicated to domain names and DNS and will link to the new store for purchases, billing and control over your purchases. It will in short become one of our brands and an informational site to help promote the brand.

Make sure all your links are updated in the next couple of weeks to the new URL of

Keep safe

CritchCorp Computers Ltd


Secure, easy to use email at a low cost

Get your SecuredMail.App email account and keep your email and attachments private. Your mail is always your mail, and only £2.00 inc VAT/month for 2 email accounts.

Get yours now; get away from those free email accounts and take back control of your data.

Includes - spam and virus filtering, 5GB account, POP/IMAP access, webmail, calendar, auto-responders, import email from your old free account, Address book and much, much more, click below for more details.

Get your reserved .UK domain name FREE now

Yes, right now until March 2019 you can get your reserved .UK domain name for FREE for the first year. This is the last chance to secure your domain name before your right to own it is removed. After March 2019 anyone will be able to register your domain name in the .UK Top Level Domain (TLD).

The History

Back on the 10th June 2014 Nominet, the registry for the .UK TLD released the very popular and simplified .UK TLD; Previously you could only get .CO.UK, .ORG.UK and .ME.UK. This made many more domains available for individuals and businesses, and made the address shorter and easier to remember. However Nominet allowed anyone who registered a domain name in the .CO.UK or .ORG.UK TLDs to have the right to register the same name in the new .UK TLD. This right is however due to end in March 2019 and then. Anyone can register these names, so get yours now before someone else does.

What do I do?

You can check if you have the right to register a specific domain name by checking here. You will need to register the new .UK domain in the same registered name and address as the qualifing, or domain. If you have any problems, please get in contact with support, here.

Dont lose your domain name or brand to someone else get it while you can.

The clock is ticking!

New Secure Domains .PAGE and .APP

We have just added a couple of new exciting TLDs to our shop so that you can now start to order your .PAGE and .APP domain names. These domain names are more secure because they require an SSL certificate in order to work in any modern browser.

Why will they not work without SSL?

Well these two TLDs have decided to put themselves in the HSTS pre-load list. This means that your browser will look at the TLD and recognise that it requires an SSL certificate to connect and will not connect if there is no valid SSL certificate in place. This makes it more secure as it cannot connect without it.

How is this different to the Google forcing SSL?

HSTS has been around since 2009 (then called STS) and is still going strong. It is used by high profile or high value sites to tell your browser that it they should only ever be connected to via HTTPS (secure) connections and never unencrypted (HTTP) connections. There are some other parameters which we will not cover here. This basically gives you protection from downgrade attacks where the attacker will downgrade your connection to your bank so that they can put themselves in the middle (a man in the middle attack) for which there is no way to know you are being attacked and they can have access to all your data, sessions and cookies. With the pre-load list your browser knows beforehand that a site should only be connected to over SSL and by adding these two TLDs to the list all websites ending in .PAGE and .APP will have to be connected to via HTTPS. Google is forcing everyone to use an SSL certificate but will not stop you from connecting; HSTS will prevent you from connecting. There is a lot more technical stuff but we won’t bore you with that right now. If you want the technical information then click here to read about it.

If you get your .PAGE or .APP domain name we can handle the technical side for you and get your new domain name connected and up and running in no time.

.PAGE and .APP domain names can be ordered in the normal way from here or your account.

Stay safe

CritchCorp Computers Ltd

Children in Need appeal 2018

Nominet are the Domain Registry for the .UK domain name space and they are helping the BBC Children in Need appeal this year. From 8th October to the 19th November 2018 they will give £1 to Children in Need for every full price domain name that is bought in the .uk domain name space. We think that this is a great idea and in order to help them to raise as much money as possible we are getting behind them. We give you a FREE domain name with every hosting account but as we pay the full price for the domain that means that by purchasing one of our Feature Rich Hosting Accounts and choosing a .UK* domain name you will be helping Children in Need also.

*any new registration of a, .uk, and will qualify as long as it is not already part of a Nominet promotion. Domains bought through CritchCorp Computers Ltd promotions will count unless it is part of Nominet Promotion. The only one scheduled to be affected is the RoR promotion starting 1st November 2018. These domains will not count towards the Children in Need donation. All others, including those that are free with other products will count.

If you were thinking about buying a new domain name for a project or new product or promotion then now is the time to buy the domain name in the .UK domain space and you can help Children in Need. Click here to get started.

Nominet are proud to be helping Children in Need, it is part of their mission to help individuals achieve more online. Their donations will fund projects that use digital technology to support vulnerable young people who can benefit the most from new advancements in tech and digital inclusion.

BBC Children in Need is the No. 1 children’s charity in the UK. In 2017/18 it supported 2,600 projects across the UK, improving the lives of over 600,000 children per year. We are proud to be supporting them.

The main televised appeal show will be on the 16th November 2018 (in 2017 it had 7.1 million viewers)

To read more about Children in Need click here.

Nominet has pledged a minimum commitment of £200,000, so let’s help them to raise this and more for this year’s Children in Need

New Spoof RansomWare

New Malware has been found that is cross platform, so it works on Windows, Apple and Linux systems. It can also get in to web servers and deletes any MySQL, Mongo, Maria and Couch databases it can find causing websites and software to not work, then displays a ransom note asking for money to be paid. Once paid you would think they would give you back the data, but not this time. This is Spoof Ransomware and as it deleted the tables and did not encrypt them, therefore it cannot give them back to you. At the time of writing this there are 46 known cases of people who paid up an average of $125, totalling around $6000 but not one of them has received their data back, funding this probable organised crime gang (in China), with no hope of getting their data back. Furthermore, once it is on the server it can then start to infect other computers through the browser with a version that will work on your system and once in to your computer it will do a variety of things, from deleting data and asking for money, to installing a botnet (on Linux machines) and mining crypto currencies, stealing your computer resources such as CPU time, Memory and hard drive space, making your computer run as slow as possible.

Watch out for more information on this as new comes out, we only heard about this particular malware called Xbash.

How to protect yourself

To protect your computer systems and networks be sure you have your computer fully patched and running some antivirus software and firewall; on Windows PCs you should be able run the free built-in antivirus software and most PCs will have a built-in firewall which with it updated should be enough. The biggest issue is getting your firewall to not accept incoming connections for services on a server or PC that you don’t need to have. By default some servers have all ports for all services open to everyone, such as MySQL. If you don’t really need it to be open then close it and where possible if you need it to be open, then tie it down to as few connection locations as possible.

Get some antivirus software for your server and for your site. In most environments each website is in its own virtual space and so having some effective security protection for each site is important. Something like SiteLock Security, available here, is a good starting point.

All of our hosting accounts now come with a FREE copy of SiteLock Lite to help mitigates against these types of attack. If you already have a website hosted with us then you can claim you FREE copy of SiteLock Lite as well and we will even help you to install and set it up as we believe that this is critical to protecting your website, your visitors and your reputation. Please submit a support ticket if you would like some help with this.


New TLDs added

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we have added some new Top Level Domains to our shop. They are:

  • .space
  • .black
  • .blue
  • .pet
  • .pink
  • .pro
  • .promo
  • .red

If there is a TLD that you want and it is not in our shop, let us know and we will see if we can add it, and maybe give you a discount on a new domain name on that TLD as a “thank you” recommending it.

Also there have been some price increases this month. You can see the current prices here.

New Terms and Conditions for invoice payments

As of 1st October 2018 we are adjusting the standard terms for payment of invoices. For new customers and for all invoices for new products and services must be paid immediately.

All subsequent invoices must be paid by their due date. Invoices will normally be issued 7 days before of the due date. There will be one overdue invoice notice 14 days after the due date. The invoice will be reissued with the 10% late fee added on the 28th day after the due date. After 45 days past due interest will begin to be added to the invoice at the HMRC approved rate of 8% + Bank of England base rate. See government website for more information:

If you have any questions then please submit a support ticket to the accounts department.

Receive a FREE Portable Power Bank for your Android/Apple

Receive a FREE Portable Power Bank for your Android or Apple smart phone or tablet, worth £17.50, when you purchase a CritchCorp Computers Ltd Feature Rich Business Hosting account or receive a discount of up to 75% when you purchase one of our other qualifying Feature Rich Hosting accounts.

To get started right away, click here. To have a closer look at the Portable Power Bank, click here.

There are several ways to get your FREE Portable Power Bank or get up to 75% off one with selected other products.

Here is the full list of how you can get a discount on your Portable Power Bank.

You get the following discounts when you buy a hosting account:

Business Hosting Account with the following subscription:

  • Annual subscription and get 100% (FREE) discount.
  • Quarterly subscription get 100% (FREE) discount.
  • Monthly subscription get 100% (FREE) discount – after 3 months.

Professional Hosting Account with the following subscription:

  • Annual subscription and get 75% discount.
  • Quarterly subscription and get 75% discount.
  • Monthly subscription and get 75% discount – after 3 months.

Light Hosting Account with the following subscription:

  • Annual subscription and get a 50% discount.
  • Quarterly subscription and get a 50% discount.
  • Monthly subscription and get 50% discount – after 3 months.

DNS Forwarding Only Account with the following subscription:

  • Annual and get a £2.50 off voucher

To get started right away, click here. To have a closer look at the Portable Power Bank, click here.

There is no cash alternative to this offer. The Portable Power Bank can only be sent to the qualifying accounts and only to the address in your account. You must also have complete the verification process for your email and if required of your personal and/or business identity.

Offer only valid whilst stocks last and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. This is the first of these types of promotions that we have run and we are keen to have your feedback about it. Please feel free to submit a support ticket from your account or as a guest to the presales office with the subject: FREE Portable Power Bank.

Whilst we will try to get all units shipped out to arrive within 3 – 5 days there is no guarantee delivery time. Please wait for the full 5 days and then get in touch. We will where possible supply you with the tracking number so that you can track where your parcel is but as delivery methods may change or alternate suppliers are sought it may not always be possible to do this, but feel free to ask anyway.

To ensure only those who want the promotional FREE gift or voucher receive it we will email those who qualify and provide instructions on how to apply. We will make this as easy as possible so that you don’t miss out and in all cases you should receive your instructions and invitation to apply within 30 days of qualification although we aim to get it to you within 24 hours.

Any questions please submit a support ticket from your account.