2 years for the price of 1 on any new .UK domain name

Today over 3 million UK businesses and millions more consumers use a domain name ending in .uk.

The UK Domain family, including .co.uk, .uk, .org.uk and .me.uk is managed and operated by Nominet.

From Tuesday the 1st October until Thursday 31st October 2019 we will be running a fantastic promotion for everyone who wants a new domain name. If you have been thinking of getting a domain name or getting a new one then now is the time.

You can now get 2 years for the price of 1 on any .UK domain name. That is any domain name that ends in .UK, .CO.UK, .ORG.UK or .ME.UK.

Look for you perfect .UK domain name now.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2018

We don’t believe in putting the prices up before the sale as many companies seem to do these days in preparation for Black Friday; we love to give you a proper sale! In fact we haven’t put our Feature Rich Hosting packages up for over 10 years! Yes we are proud to say that we have not increased our main prices and in fact we have reduced prices on many of our products and services to bring you even more value for money.

We have had a look around at what the other hosting companies are doing, and we feel confident to say that our sale is the best by far. We are offering 50% off for 12 months hosting on any new Feature Rich Hosting Account. Yes one whole year of half price hosting on our fantastic Feature Rich Hosting Platform and a FREE domain name, in fact look at what you get with your account  –

  • 12 months ½ price hosting
  • 1 x FREE domain name*
  • FREE Portable Power Bank (Business accounts; other accounts get up to 75% off)
  • FREE SiteLock Lite website security
  • Latest hardware (Recently updated)
  • Up to Unlimited disk space*
  • Up to Unlimited data transfer*
  • Full DNS control*
  • Unlimited Email accounts included (POP3/100Mb IMAP)*
  • SQL Servers*
  • One Click install software (x9)*
  • Custom error pages*
  • 30x redirects easy setup console*
  • Choice of PHP version (x4)*
  • PHP.ini editor*
  • Graphical statistics*
  • and much more*

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Don't forget to use promo code: BlackFridayHosting at the checkout

* = Depends on hosting account selected, see the shop item for individual account quantities and TLD availability.

The promotional period is from Friday 23rd November 2018 to Monday 26th November 2018.

Some optional hosting add-ons are not included in the sale and will be charged at the normal price if required. The offer applies to new hosting accounts only for both new and existing customers taking out a new hosting account during the promotional period. Other billing options are available; please submit a support ticket before purchase requesting a promotional code for this offer on your chosen available billing options. Renewal will be at the normal price. We do not have minimum contracts for hosting but if you cancel before your subscription period is up there is no refund. You can choose your subscription period and cancel at the end of the period.

Get your reserved .UK domain name FREE now

Yes, right now until March 2019 you can get your reserved .UK domain name for FREE for the first year. This is the last chance to secure your domain name before your right to own it is removed. After March 2019 anyone will be able to register your domain name in the .UK Top Level Domain (TLD).

The History

Back on the 10th June 2014 Nominet, the registry for the .UK TLD released the very popular and simplified .UK TLD; Previously you could only get .CO.UK, .ORG.UK and .ME.UK. This made many more domains available for individuals and businesses, and made the address shorter and easier to remember. However Nominet allowed anyone who registered a domain name in the .CO.UK or .ORG.UK TLDs to have the right to register the same name in the new .UK TLD. This right is however due to end in March 2019 and then. Anyone can register these names, so get yours now before someone else does.

What do I do?

You can check if you have the right to register a specific domain name by checking here. You will need to register the new .UK domain in the same registered name and address as the qualifing .co.uk, .me.uk or .org.uk domain. If you have any problems, please get in contact with support, here.

Dont lose your domain name or brand to someone else get it while you can.

The clock is ticking!

Special Offer Domain Pricing

Some of the registries that own the TLDs are running promotions, that means that we can pass on the savings to you. Unlike other hosting companies that keep all the savings for themselves, we believe that we should pass them on to you, our loyal clients. So for as long as they are giving us a discount we will pass it on to you!

The following domain names are on or will be on special offer pricing.

Now on:

  • .ONLINE* was £30.00 now £8.00
  • .TECH** was £42.50 now £18.00
  • .SPACE** was £25.00 now £8.00
  • .WEBSITE** was £25.00 now £9.00
  • .CO* was £24.00 now £15.00
  • .ME* was £20 now £12.00
  • .CLOUD* was £15.00 now £10.00
  • .STORE** was £60.00 now £20.00
  • .SITE** was £30.00 now £15.00
  • .XYZ* was £13.00 now  £4.00

End dates

* = due to end 31st Decmber 2018

** = due to end 31st March 2019

All prices exclude VAT which will be added at checkout.

We reserve the right to stop the promotional pricing at any time without notice. Renewals will be at the then prevailing full price. Promotional offer price is for new domain registrations only. New and existing customers can take advantage of this promotional price for registering new domains in the above TLDs.

SiteLock Promotional Offer

Up to 30% off SiteLock products

As you are probably already aware we have been offering SiteLock website security for many years now as they are excellent at scanning and protecting your website from unwanted hacking and malicious software such as viruses.

Protect your site, your visitors and your reputation.

SiteLock also looks for exploits on your site and let you know about them so you can fix them before they get exploited and you get a bad reputation. The “bad guys” want to get to your site and upload their virus so that when a visitor goes to your site they will download the virus and in many cases they will not need to do anything else, in other cases they will accept the security warnings that come up because they trust you. When Google finds out that your site has been hacked and you are now distributing viruses to visitors they will block any attempt to get  to your site with a Red warning page that warns the visitor in no uncertain terms that your site is not to be trusted and is infected. I have seen this happen to peoples sites and it can take weeks to get it resolved and when it is fixed it will still take a long time for Google to forgive you and let people back on to your site. This can be extremely damaging to any business.

We have been giving you SiteLock Lite for FREE with any new hosting account for a couple of months now and now you can upgrade your SiteLock account and get up to 30% off annual plans (1 year).

Here is what you can get:

SiteLock Find – Normally £19, get it for £13 with code:


*Site Lock Fix – Normally £76, get it for £65 with code:


*SiteLock Defend – Normally £227, get it for £195 with code:


* = Additional Bonus! We have extended the offer for Fix and Defend to allow you to renew your subscription the following year at the same price, there by doubling your savings!

All prices exclude VAT.



Terms and Conditions

The offer is only available on the selected products and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Special Offer or discount. You can renew at the offer price for 1 year with the Defend and Fix products only, after that it will automatically renew at the normal price at that time. The offer price is for the Annual billing option ONLY (1 year) and cannot be used on any other billing option (EG monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly, 2 yearly, 3 yearly).

The offer is only valid on qualifying purchases made and paid for up to 15 October 2018. Any sales paid for after this date will be at the full price, even if the product was selected and the invoice generated prior to that date.

75% off Managed SSL certificates

For a very limited time only, you can now get 75% off our Basic Managed SSL Certificates for use in our shared hosting environment. Just enter the code:
It only applies to annual billing so ensure you select the annual billing option.

Click here to go get one now!

This promotion runs from 11th July until 31st August 2018 and all orders must be submitted through your yesDomains.co.uk account by 16:00 on the 31st August to ensure they are processed in time to qualify, so don’t leave it too late!

With Google Chrome’s new release imminent and the fact that it will start to heavily penalise those who do not have an SSL certificate, we are working hard to bring down the cost of this must-have product for your website. We take care of the techy bits so you don’t have to worry about it and you get a FREE TrueSeal Secured Site seal to show that you are now secure.

We are working hard to bring the prices down for the managed SSL products but they are not likely to come down this much! At the moment everyone is in need of these, so take advantage of the offer now!

Online Chat is Heading to CritchCorp Computers Ltd

Yes, you read it right. We are indeed trialling an online chat solutions across all our websites, so that we can interact with website visitors and clients. The initial testing is going on now on cc-computers.com and yesDomains.co.uk. We have not yet set a live date nor really decided on the actual solution to be used. Keep an eye out for the sign in the bottom right corner of the website that lets you know that we are online and ready to help with your website journey. At the moment we are happy for people to just pop by for a quick chat and let us know what you think about the online chat solution. We may even have a special free offer for those who do.

We are not online all the time as yet, but keep coming back and you can see when we are. There is also some out of hour’s configuration and testing going on so there are no set times as yet.

As always though, the ticket support system is still in place and not going to go anywhere anytime soon. If you have a real issue then please make sure you use this and try chat as well, but best to open a tickets and then take the ticket number to the chat, that way we can make sure you get the best support possible. In future you may be able to do it without opening the ticket first as we will be able to do that for you, but during the testing phase please try to get a ticket number first, if it is urgent.

Stop by and have a look.

Keep safe

CritchCorp computers Ltd

Last chance to get a .PW domain name for just £6.00

Price increase coming! Here’s how to avoid it.

Get yours now and beat the price increase by keeping your renewal price.

The Registry has decided to increase the price of the .PW domain names and so we have to increase or price also. Currently you can pick up a .PW domain name for just £6.00 and renew it for £8.00/year. After 21 August 2018 you will only be able to get a .PW domain name for £15.00 and renewal will be at £17.00.

If you have already got a .PW domain name before the deadline of 21 August 2018 then you will continue to be able to renew your .PW domain name for the low price of £8.00 forever (or until it is deleted, whichever comes first).

The .PW (Professional Web) domain names extension has proved very popular with professional people, individuals and companies alike. It was originally intended for professional people to have a place to go but has since found its way in to the hearts of everyone.

The .PW domain name space does not have the restrictions on who can register one, anyone can register their domain name and if you do so before the deadline of 21st August 2018 then you will get to keep it at the same lovely price of just £8.00/year. Whilst £15/year might seem a bit steep, it is not out of line with many other domain names that cost similar.

Normally when a Registry increases their prices they do so for all of the domains but not this time, they are allowing our customers to keep their renewal price for ever (or until it is deleted, whichever comes first).

Click here to check if your .PW domain name is available.

Get yours at the low price while you still can and Grandfather your .PW domain name in at the low price.

CritchCorp Computers Ltd

All prices exclude VAT which will be added to the order at the time of invoicing at the prevailing rate.

This price applies to .PW domain names registered with the registry before the 21 August 2018 through yesDomains.co.uk or CritchCorp Computers Ltd. No other domain name is included. If you transfer your domain name it will lose its Grandfather status and be renewed at the new prevailing rate (currently set to be £17.00/year on yesDomains.co.uk). Domain names transferred in will also not be eligible for the Grandfather Price and will be renewed at the new rate.