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Category: Urgent Attention

UK Registered .EU domain names to be Deregistered

UK Registered .EU domain names to be Deregistered

UPDATE: As of the 23rd October 2019, the plan by EURid has been put on hold due to recent developments.
WordPress Flaw found in Social Media plugin

WordPress Flaw found in Social Media plugin

  URGENT – If you use the plugin ‘Simple Social Buttons’ in your WordPress installation, you should immediately update it…

Your email account has been hacked, emails

Many of our users have seen this type of email in their spam filters, most don’t actually get through to…

New Spoof RansomWare

New Malware has been found that is cross platform, so it works on Windows, Apple and Linux systems. It can…

Google Forces Sites to use SSL Certificates

***Notice to all Website owners*** That’s right, as of July 2018 Google Chrome will start reporting non-SSL sites (that is…

Update to the new Ransomware

For the original post see: In the original post I talked about the new ransomware that it taking hold…

New ransomware takes hold

New ransomware has been taking hold of businesses and households around the world. Be very careful with the email attachments…

A New Domain Name Scam

Domain names are big business, well if you hold a lot of them or the right ones they can be.…

Domain Name Owners Beware!

It is your Domain Name! Everyone who owns a domain name (which is just about everyone today), needs to be…

About Mat Honan’s Epic Hacking

I am sure that you have all heard about Mat Honan’s very bad weekend by now, But just in-case you…

Mac Virus infects more than half a million Macs

As most of you already know, Macs are not impervious to virus’s. The latest one which is spreading like wild…

New PayPal Phishing Emails

I recently received an email from PayPal that said that I had just completed a payment to someone I had…

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Fraudulent Phone Calls

CritchCorp . 16 December, 2011
I have previously written in an email about this issue but it is still going on all round the world…

Stories of woe from the Fraudulent phone calls

CritchCorp . 23 December, 2011
There are many cases on the Internet about the problem with fraudulent phone calls from people pretending to be from…


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