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Mac Virus infects more than half a million Macs

As most of you already know, Macs are not impervious to virus’s. The latest one which is spreading like wild fire is the one know as FlashBack or FlashFake. It is very cleaver, for a virus, employing tactics already tried and tested by other virus manufactures like conficker. This virus has to date infected more that 600,000 Macs (around 1%) and is spreading.

To get this virus, all you have to do is visit a site that has the malicious code (usually they do not yet know about it either) and the virus will try to install it self, asking permission from the user saying that it is a falsh update that is required. Even if the user does not provide the password the virus can still infect the Mac and after looking around for several different programs it will settle down and phone home for instructions.

To find out if you are infected you can use the list provided by Kaspersky Labs. Go to . All you need to do is enter your UUID (a unique identifier of your Mac, they provide instructions on how to find it). If you are infected then contact us or download the tool provided and run it. This will remove it for you. You then need to ensure that you have antivirus software on your system even though this is a problem in Java, which was fixed in all other formats except for the Mac version because Apple likes to look after it themselves rather than let Oracle (the manufacturer of Java) do it. This has now changed from version 10.7 which requires any user that actually needs Java to download it themselves.

Once you are clean, ensure you run the updates for your Mac by clicking the Apple icon in the top left corner and then upate software. Apple have produced a fix for this bug so get it on as soon as possible.

Anyone who is unsure should email us to book an appointment so that we can come out and check your system for you and advise on the best ways to stay protected. support AT


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