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New Secure Domains .PAGE and .APP

We have just added a couple of new exciting TLDs to our shop so that you can now start to order your .PAGE and .APP domain names. These domain names are more secure because they require an SSL certificate in order to work in any modern browser.

Why will they not work without SSL?

Well these two TLDs have decided to put themselves in the HSTS pre-load list. This means that your browser will look at the TLD and recognise that it requires an SSL certificate to connect and will not connect if there is no valid SSL certificate in place. This makes it more secure as it cannot connect without it.

How is this different to the Google forcing SSL?

HSTS has been around since 2009 (then called STS) and is still going strong. It is used by high profile or high value sites to tell your browser that it they should only ever be connected to via HTTPS (secure) connections and never unencrypted (HTTP) connections. There are some other parameters which we will not cover here. This basically gives you protection from downgrade attacks where the attacker will downgrade your connection to your bank so that they can put themselves in the middle (a man in the middle attack) for which there is no way to know you are being attacked and they can have access to all your data, sessions and cookies. With the pre-load list your browser knows beforehand that a site should only be connected to over SSL and by adding these two TLDs to the list all websites ending in .PAGE and .APP will have to be connected to via HTTPS. Google is forcing everyone to use an SSL certificate but will not stop you from connecting; HSTS will prevent you from connecting. There is a lot more technical stuff but we won’t bore you with that right now. If you want the technical information then click here to read about it.

If you get your .PAGE or .APP domain name we can handle the technical side for you and get your new domain name connected and up and running in no time.

.PAGE and .APP domain names can be ordered in the normal way from here or your account.

Stay safe

CritchCorp Computers Ltd

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