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Hosting, Domain Names and now, Smart Light bulbs. We do them all!

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Our new Award Winning brand for Smart Devices.

Get your CritchCorp Smart™ products, including our next generation Award Winning Smart Light Bulbs, at select retail stores, eBay and in our store.

Our New Light Bulbs come with auto-connect, switch on, and it automatically goes into discovery mode and then pops up in the app, so you can accept it and add it, all within 20 seconds.*

Best of all, it has just won the top award in the Innovation in Business Awards:

Best Smart Bulb 2023 - UK.

* See product page for more details

CritchCorp Smart B22 Light Bulb

CritchCorp Smart™ light bulb (B22)

Available now in our eBay store, and select retailers outlets. Enjoy all the protections that eBay has to offer and use our special code to get a discount.*

CritchCorp Smart E27 Light Bulb

CritchCorp Smart™ light bulb (E27)

Available now in our eBay store, and select retailers outlets. Enjoy all the protections that eBay has to offer and use our special code to get a discount.*

We have many other Smart home/office products available in our online store. We make sure they work together in one app, so that you don't have to go through multiple apps to do simple tasks.

Check out our store on eBay.

CritchCorp Hosting, Domain Names and Websites

Read more about Domain Names and why you should have one. The best way to get something meaningful and what to do if it is already taken. Domain Name Generators and more.

We have the best long term (or real) prices, starting at £7.00 per year, thats the full price not an offer price. Others give you special offers but their normal prices are much higher than ours. (Not to say we don't have offers too!)

Build your website from wherever you are

Premium hosting you can count on

We have had our own hosting servers for more than a decade. We know a thing or two about reliability. That's why we maintain at least a 99.9% uptime.

We don't pretend to own our own data centre, we are a family run company, and it is important to us to look after our clients.

We use industry standard software that is simple to use and maintained by the vendor, and security is something we pride ourselves on.

Start your website journey today by speaking to a real human being or by using our self-service facilities, because we know everyone is different. We offer as much or as little help as you want.

FREE Hosting and FREE Website Creator Software, FREE SAN SSL & FREE eMail.

As part of our "giving back to the community" efforts, we also offer a limited number of free hosting accounts. Using our free website Creator, you can make a full website, unlimited page*. You also get a free email account. When your needs grow beyond the free allocations, you can upgrade for as little as £1.50/month.

This block of free accounts are on a first come, first served basis. Order yours now. We have invested greatly in our FREE offering, so we expect the FREE Accounts to be open for a while, give it a try today.

Read more about it on the FREE Hosting Account page.

Terms and conditions apply.

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