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Update to Outbound email policy

Due to the recent increase in spam being sent out from customer PCs by viruses and the problems with our servers being blacklisted by some of the more well know blacklists because of these spam-bot, we have taken steps try to prevent this type of problem from occurring.

With immediate effect all outbound email (which is already authenticated), will also be subject to blacklist checking. If you have a virus on your network that is sending out spam it is likely that you will now not be able to send email yourself. We need to implement this because of the problems caused by being blacklisted for the majority of clients who are not infected. So, to protect everyone else we need to stop email from those who are infected from sending email (most probably spam) and causing disruption and problems for everyone else.

There is now also a limit of 50 emails per hour from the same IP address.

If you do find that you are unable to send email, and nothing has changed on our network, then after you have been through the usual checks (restarting the computer, restarting router, etc) then it is possible you have been blacklisted. You will need to start by trying to fin the virus by scanning all computers (Macs, PCs, Linux, Etc.)

If you need help with any of this then please get in contact with us.

We also have a paid outbound SMTP service. This service rarely gets blocked by spam filters due to it nature. Accounts start at £50/year. Please contact us if you need more information.

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