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Smart Light Bulb Launch

We are proud to announce that we have launched our own brand of Smart Bulb. Under the Brand of CritchCorp Smart™.

Our new Smart Light bulb comes in two form factors. The B22 and the E27 versions, which covers most uses. We will be looking in to several other form factors for it in the near future.

You can visit the product page for the CritchCorp Smart™ Smart Light Bulb. There You will see all of the features that you get with the new Smart Light Bulb. Then you will know why it is one of the best.

If you already know about them and just want to buy some, then you go to eBay, get yours now!

Read the product page to find out more about all the amazing features of the smart bulb. This includes the fact that you can set timers in so many different ways. Use other smart products to trigger events on the smart bulb, like put it in to scene mode. Great for alarms. You can edit the scenes to make them your own.

Useful Smart Bulbs

You can use our Smart Light Bulbs with thousands of other smart products, from hundreds of manufactures. This makes them even more useful. Don’t forget the energy saving LED light and the fact that you can monitor your electric usage. These Smart bulbs really are the next generation of smart.


CritchCorp Smart™

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