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Black Friday Sale 2020

Black Friday Sale 2020, get your Deals and Discounts before they are gone.

The Black Friday Sales Starts 27/11/2020 and Cyber Monday is 30/11/2020

The CritchCorp Black Friday Sale is more of a Cyber Weekend Sale. It will last the whole weekend and there will be some deals announced randomly throughout the day. If you wish to be notified then sign-up.

Black Friday Sale 2020, massive discounts.

Black Friday Sale

Get your Codes to start saving

The actual codes and deals will appear on the Special Offers Page

There will be many items on sale this year, including our new WordPress Hosting Accounts and even our Premium Feature Rich Hosting (cPanel) accounts. There may even be the odd FREE and/or nearly FREE item going as well.

Some FAQs

How do I get the Black Friday discount?

Copy the code, either using your mouse to right click and select copy or
Write it down; on your mobile device press and hold and then select copy.
Then click the link for the item you want and go through the checkout process. on the final review page you can enter the discount code following the above but select paste or type it in.

How many Deals are there?

Each item has a set number of discounts, each code will only work that many times before it deactivates and will not work any more.
We will attempt to keep the stats up to date but they will lag behind the actual figures. So just try it and if it is no longer available it will tell you at checkout.

Do I have to sign-up to use the Deal codes

Yes. All our products on sale require you to sign-up. Remember that we are GDPR compliant and you can cancel any services at any time. You may also request that your details are removed after all invoices have been paid and all services have been ceased.

Why is my code not working?

If you are unable to not use the code, then please first double check that you are using the correct code.
Then check that you are meeting the conditions of the code. Namely the correct product and the correct billing period.
If you are still having trouble it may be because the code has been used up. Usually the message will confirm this.
If you are still having trouble and have checked all of this then submit a support ticket with the time you first attempted to use the code and we will look in to it for you.
Please see the disputes Resolution Guide.

If you are unsure of something then please get in touch from your account, submit a ticket and we will be in touch.

The CritchCorp Black Friday Deals are fantastic value and savings for you. Please do hurry to use them when they are available as they will only be a small number of each one. In line with the anticipated uptake there should be enough for each customer to get at least one deal. You may however use as many deals as you like but only one at a time.

For quick reference, you can view the shop and see what there is, then return and look for a deal code.

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