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Product availability announcement

We are thrilled to share the news about the launch of our latest product innovations and availability. We have launched a 50g bag selection with all 6 blends in. This is 50g of each of your favourite blends of Prinknash Abbey Resin Incense.

  • Abbey
  • Basilica
  • Cathedral
  • Priory
  • St. Michael
  • Sanctuary

this is a great value pack, which we are selling for less than half of the combined retail price of the individual packs. Great as refills for those who use all the blends or someone who wants to give them all a go.

50g Box Combo Launch

We have also launched a 5 pack of the 50g with Charcoal Boxed products. This again will save you money over the individual prices. These versatile packs are great as a gift for someone, or to try them all out.

You can see both of them now in the shop.

We also now have the 500g Prinknash Abbey Resin Incense boxes in stock again. If you were waiting for these amazingly cost-effective packs that come with a box for easy storage, then the wait is over. Get yours quick.

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