Your email account has been hacked, emails

Many of our users have seen this type of email in their spam filters, most don’t actually get through to your account, although the odd one might. That is all the spammers, who are usually organised crime syndicates, need and rely on.

A full version of the email is at the bottom of this post.

What are these emails and why do some of them have my password in them?

These emails raise many questions and I will try to answer most of them here.

It is of course possible for what they say in the email to be true, but in most cases it is not. There have been many hacked websites over the years and there are now plenty of lists of people’s usernames and passwords, that have been compiled from these hacked websites. There are now two or three main lists that have been compiled and in turn these in to one list of over 500,000,000 usernames and passwords. Security researchers use this list to determine things like frequency of passwords, your chosen password is probably not as unique as you think it is; monkey, password, 123456, abc123 were the top password for many years and although recent research shows that they have moved about, they are still in the top 15.

The bad guys use these username and password lists to try to gain access to your accounts on other wesites and even your email account. Now some bright spark has decided to take your username and password combination where your username is your email address and send an email to you, firstly showing your password to you and secondly faking the sending address, which is trivialy to do, and then tells you that they know something about you that you don’t want revealed to others. This is a typical phishing scam in that they don’t have any access to your email (that is not say that they don’t but they tend to use other scams that are more profitable when they actually have access to your email). Read More