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Tag: Ransomware

Crypto-mining takes over from ransomware as fastest growing threat

Crypto-mining takes over from ransomware as fastest growing threat

  With the invention of bitcoin, Ransomware was made possible. Prior to bitcoin it was difficult for the bad guys…

Your email account has been hacked, emails

Many of our users have seen this type of email in their spam filters, most don’t actually get through to…

Ransomware attacks Mac and PCs

Ransomware is one of the most profitable illegal software on the internet. It affects many thousands of people every year…

Update to the new Ransomware

For the original post see: In the original post I talked about the new ransomware that it taking hold…

New ransomware takes hold

New ransomware has been taking hold of businesses and households around the world. Be very careful with the email attachments…

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Fraudulent Phone Calls

CritchCorp . 16 December, 2011
I have previously written in an email about this issue but it is still going on all round the world…

Stories of woe from the Fraudulent phone calls

CritchCorp . 23 December, 2011
There are many cases on the Internet about the problem with fraudulent phone calls from people pretending to be from…


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