Not long left to get 2 year SSL certificates

Not long left for 2 year SSL certificates

If you usually buy 2 year certificates for your website then you are probably already aware that they are going. Yes, as of the 20th August 2020 they will no longer be available.

Why are 2 year Certificates going?

This is due to Google making Chrome not accept certificates that are valid for more than 1 year. Other browsers have followed suit. Their reasoning behind this is to force certificates to be issued more frequently. If they are then there is less chance for things to go wrong with stolen certificates. Google don’t use the SSL revoked list, a certificate that has been issued, compromised and subsequently revoked can be used. Other browsers that do use the revoked list would not accept this certificate. This new method means that the certificate is only valid for a year so the maximum time it could be used is 1 year.

No matter what their rational behind it is, the fact remains that as of the 20th August you will no longer be able to purchase a certificate for 2 years and any that are issued after this time will automatically be rejected by all browsers as of next year.

What can I do?

If you want a 2 year SSL certificate then get one that is issued before 20th August 2020 and it will be valid. After that time you will just have to buy a 1 year one.

We have already removed the 2 year option from our certificates but if you want one then please submit a support ticket from your account or a presales ticket before the 18th August to give us enough time to get a certificate issued. The higher the grade certificate the longer it needs to be issued. so do not delay.

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Comment (14)

  • Kenneth| 6 September, 2020

    Why can they do this? I had better get mine quick.

    • CritchCorp| 25 September, 2020

      Hi Kenneth,

      Firstly, because they can. Also it will help to imporove the overall security for everyone.
      Secondly, at this point it is already too late to get a longer one for a website. You will need to get a 1 year cert now.

      Stay Safe

      CritchCorp Support.

  • Larry| 29 August, 2020

    Does anyone know if I can still buy a certificate for other purposes that is longer?

  • Natasharix| 21 August, 2020

    Thanks for the info, this is very useful to me.

  • Stephenhat| 17 August, 2020

    Do you have any ideas on the way to fix this?=(

    • CritchCorp| 18 August, 2020

      Hi Stephen,

      You will just need to purchase one every year. If you get one from us we will send you a reminder and if you use our managed service we will replace it for you so your site is never down.

      Keep Safe

      CritchCorp Support

  • RonaldFeaft| 17 August, 2020

    Can you help me with my problem? 🙁

    • CritchCorp| 18 August, 2020

      Hi Ronald,

      Submit a support ticket and we can help you.

      Keep Safe

      CritchCorp Support.

  • Violet| 14 August, 2020

    I was recommended this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether
    this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty.
    You’re amazing! Thanks!

    • CritchCorp| 14 August, 2020

      HI Violet,

      Glad you enjoyed reading our news articles. We do keep ourselves up-to-date with the goings on in our industry and the wider internet security issues.

      Come back again soon for more information.

      Keep Safe

      CritchCorp Support.

  • qzlsaior| 13 August, 2020

    I never used 2 year ones anyway but I don’t like being told I cant have one.

    • CritchCorp| 13 August, 2020

      We understand. We have seen an upsurge in people buying the 2 year option just because it will not be possible to do in future.

      Keep Safe

      CritchCorp Support.

  • qhgbydhb| 13 August, 2020

    the big companies dectating what we can do again.