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Who are we?

CritchCorp Computers Ltd started as a managed services provider servicing computers and networks for companies. We started helping small businesses and individuals in the South of England, covering a wide area. Currently, We still look after many networks, servers and computers all over the M4 Corridor. Our Head Office is now located in Manchester. We recently won the SME News UK Enterprise Award 2020 for “Best SME Computer Support Business – Manchester” and the Enterprise Award 2021 for “Best Web Hosting Provider – Manchester”. We are extremely happy to be winners two years running and in different categories. This shows our continued commitment to all sectors of our business and our customers.

Our Latest Venture

We have just become manufacturers of SMART Light bulbs. Under our Brand Name of CritchCorp SMART, we are producing the next generation of Smart Light Bulbs. They work with more than 65,000 other Smart products currently available on the market (some of which we sell also). We are very proud to have our new SMART Light bulbs for sale now. Get yours on eBay, our own web shop and in a few retailers shops.

From the start

From 2006 we started to create websites for our Managed Services clients. We couldn’t find suitable hosting with the larger providers, and so started the web hosting side of the business. This allowed us to take care of our clients by being able to fully control our hosting servers and environment. In turn, this meant that we could make our servers to accommodate our client’s needs.

Today we still have our own high spec fast servers and many more clients than we started with. In 2009, we opened up our web hosting to the world. This allowed us to expand our client base to non managed services clients. Many of our clients today are hosting clients. We continue to grow this side of the business and now have security and self-service SEO tools.

We recently moved all our shared hosting clients over to our new hosting servers with greater speed and bandwidth and using the World’s number 1 control panel cPanel. With the help of our data centre partners we can now host servers all-round the world, inside and outside of Europe and the UK, but importantly all GDPR-compliant.

Diversifying portfolio

Back in 2007 we started supplying broadband internet connections and telephone lines for all our clients. This again spread out to others who were not computer or network support clients. We now have clients all over the UK.

We have over the last several years been improving our portfolio of services to help our clients to keep their computers, networks and websites clear of viruses and malware and keep their data and clients safe and comply with relevant laws, such as GDPR and PCI compliance.

Remote support is now an everyday part of the service we provide, but we still do on-site visits to ensure all is OK with the systems and also to do GDPR (Data Protection Act 2018) compliance checks and PCI Compliance.

We have successfully completed PCI Compliance for clients who have saved £1000’s by not just answering “YES” to everything on the questionnaire. Answering the questions accurately can save you a lot of money now and in the future.

Our Resellers

We spend a lot of time with our growing list of resellers, helping them to support their clients and provide them with the tools to help them achieve their dreams of a hosting and related services business. Using our expertise and equipment and links in the industry, we can help resellers of all sizes but especially at the moment are concentrating on start-ups or those looking to do hosting for their own clients, like those in the website design and managed services sectors.

Cloud Services

Several years ago, ahead of the curve, we started to investigate the “Cloud” and how it may best be used to help our clients. Although we have shown that many of the big cloud companies are insecure and a real threat to your data, we have found cloud providers who take security seriously and have invested time and money in perfecting our offering.

Today we provide clients with the best of what the cloud has to offer, with security at the heart and the ease of use that the likes of Microsoft Exchange in the cloud we can really help businesses to make the most of the cloud and any existing in-house servers. Long gone are the days when you would need to have an Exchange Server in your house for a 1 person, working from home, business. The cloud has revolutionised this type of worker. It has also helped enormously with companies of all sizes in allowing employees to work from home, or anywhere else in the world, and still be able to retain control over their data.

Trained Engineers

We have Apple and Microsoft trained engineers. They have a wealth of experience in Microsoft’s Active Directory in small and large businesses, even multi-site companies. We can help your business to make the most of what you have. CritchCorp Computers Ltd can help you with your IT now and in the future.


CritchCorp Smart™

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