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Award Winning Smart Bulbs

Yes, it is official now, we have won an award for our Smart Bulbs. The CritchCorp Smart™ Smart Bulbs are officially the Innovation in Business – Technology Innovator Awards – Winner of the Best Smart Bulb 2023 – UK.

You can read all about our award in the award magazine available on their website.

Innovation in Business – Technology Innovator Awards

These Technology Innovator awards are a recognition of innovators from around the world. We are very pleased to have won our category. We worked really hard to get our Smart Bulbs to be the perfect Smart Product, but now it’s worth it.

Furthermore, knowing that this year, there was stiff competition from global players and local players alike. Our commitment to enabling everyone to be able to use our products is what, we believe, tipped the scales. CritchCorp Smart Light bulbs can be used with over 65,000 other smart products. A feature that many of the major manufacturers have missed out on. We believe that smart should not only be the bulb, but the software that runs it and the app that controls it. Interoperability with other smart products is key to this approach. It allows our Smart Bulb to be even smarter and to make other smart products, well, smarter.

More Innovating

Because of our winning this award, we will continue to improve our smart bulbs. To maximise the bulb’s capability, enable the ability to be updated Over-The-Air (OTA). With this feature enabled, we can send improvements directly to the bulb. Don’t forget to sign up for the updates in the app, they are free and can be automatic or manually completed.

Have a look at our Smart Bulb page to gain more insight in to what they can do. You can also go straight to purchase one from our shop. Signup in the shop and get a discount voucher to use straight away.

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CritchCorp Smart™

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