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FREE Shipping, is it worth it?

Free Shipping or free delivery, as it is sometimes called. Is it actually any good?

Free delivery or postage is something that many people look for when shopping online. It makes it easier in some cases, rather than having to add shipping, which can vary greatly from shop to shop.

Calculating shipping costs, from a customer point of view, can be a nightmare. It can depend on many factors, such as how many items you are purchasing, how heavy they are and where they are going to. For retailers, these are pretty much the same nightmares. Trying to get the prices for shipping just right. Not too much, but not too little.

Free Delivery, is it worth it?

Those who don’t like free delivery

Do you know anyone who spends the time to create a spreadsheet, showing the price and the delivery and the total? I do. They used to do that but got so annoyed with the fact that after doing as much research as they could. Finding the right price with the right shipping fees (sometimes including the free delivery options), they then found when they got to the check-out and the delivery fee had changed. This meant that they had to go back to the drawing board, or more often than not, just put up with the new price.

Free delivery is the preferred method for many Millennials & Gen Z shoppers. This is because it appears easier and cheaper to do so. In many cases, it is cheaper to shop this way. It can be cheaper as well. The perception of it being cheaper is in the wording, “Free Shipping”. This gives the impression that it is free. As we all know, nothing is free in this would. Free shipping is actually included in the price you pay.

Free postage on everything

We have made our online shop to have included shipping (or free delivery if you like) on everything. This of course means that it is included in the price. If you then by 2 of any item, the same or not, you have paid for delivery twice. Sometimes this may be necessary. For instance, if the shipments are coming from two different locations or warehouses, then it may require two shipping packages. However, if they are coming from the same place and in the same package, then it is not necessary. That is why we have implemented a discount scheme that take this into account. If you order 2 or more of anything, you automatically get a discount on the item price. This means we give back to you the extra cost of delivery that are not needed. You save money automatically. Have a look at our shop and see.

Make sure when you shop online that you are not over paying because of free delivery. If you only buy one item, free shipping is usually well worth it. Getting more than one of anything, and you need to be aware of just how good, or not, the deal is.

Prime Delivery or Free Delivery

Some people have begun to notice that the Amazon Prime shipping is not all that it use to be. Mainly because you have to pay for your prime membership, then you have to pay for Prime delivery. Actually it is a Free Shipping method, that shows very clearly that it is included. Ever tried to compare prices and found that the exact same item is available with prime shipping and without. The prime shipping one will be, in some cases, far more expensive than the non-prime version. That is because Amazon charges sellers far more for the delivery of Prime products from their warehouses.

Prime may well be worthwhile as they do tend to deliver actual next day and even on weekends. The cut-off time is very late as well. This means it may well be worth paying the extra for it to be delivered, but in many cases it is not.

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