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FREE Website & Hosting

This version has closed and a new version is now open. Please see the latest version of our FREE Hosting, FREE Website Creator, FREE SAN SSL, FREE eMail. You can also get cPanel Hosting.
All links in this article have been updated to the new version of the services and products.
The information in this article is not up-to-date and so may be inaccurate in places.
Please see the latest version of our FREE Hosting, FREE Website Creator, FREE SAN SSL, FREE eMail. You can also get cPanel Hosting.

It is here at last, FREE Website and Hosting. You can sign up for a FREE hosting account. It supports HTML and CSS. Using our FREE Site Maker package you can create an excellent FREE website using one of our templates. Customise it to suit your needs.

Everything you need to make a fully functional website, For FREE.

All Site come with Security

Yes all three types of site come with a a range of security and other features.

Firstly you can control your CDN settings. This also gives you DDoS protection and there are a range of other options you can control with the CDN. When you sign up for your FREE Hosting account you get to choose from a FREE subdomain on our domain, so it would be You can also select to use your own domain name with the hosting. Just register your domain name of choice first, then enter it when asked with the FREE hosting.

You also get a FREE Sectigo SSL certificate for your website. This keeps your visitors connections to your site secure. There are also a range of other tools you can use with your FREE site.

There are 3 ways to use your FREE hosting space.

FREE Hosting with Site Maker

You can use our Site Maker software to make a 2 page website using the wizard and adding in your own pages with your own pictures and text. You can upgrade to unlimited pages and you can add on professional

FREE Hosting with Github

The FREE hosting is also excellent if you have a Github repository and you need somewhere to test your software. Using the setup wizard you can connect directly to your repository and then every time you commit it will automatically download the new version for you, You can get testing straight away.

FREE Hosting with FTP

If you already have a site then you can use the FTP connection to upload your site directly to our hosting servers. During setup you can fill in your existing site FTP credentials and we will upload your site directly to our servers. Then you can maintain it through FTP.

We also have specialised WordPress Hosting, read more about it or buy some now. (Link updated to the new version of WordPress Virtual Servers, all of our Feature Rich Hosting Accounts have WordPress available and the WordPress Toolkit to easily manage your installation.)

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