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Our New Shop is Open

For those of you who remember, we had our own shop. We closed it down some time ago and have been concentrating on our eBay store.

eBay has been great and has lots of reach when it comes to new clients and tools to help people.

We will continue to run our eBay store, as it has unique features that we really appreciate, and we have built up a large community of followers and loyal customers who prefer that platform. Furthermore, we are also intending to move on to other platforms as well and are considering Amazon and a couple of others.

We have reopened our own store using a different backend provider. This new shop is features in the shop app on iPhone and Android devices and gives us a lot of control over every aspect of our shop. This enables us to give greater discounts and promotional offers. It also allows us to sell in-person easier when we go to trade fairs and local charity fundraising events, where we can donate a part of each sale to the event.

You can read more about it on the page About our online shops.


Our new shop is built using the Shopify platform. This allows us to have an extremely powerful platform, which is kept up-to-date with security and features, allowing us to get on and give you the best possible deals.

CritchCorp is now available on the Shop app

You can also find us in the Shop app, found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can also access it directly from any browser at

Bonus Own Shop Features

If you go to our store directly now, you can sign up to our newsletter. You will instantly receive a voucher code, unique to you, that will give you money off your purchase. You will then also be first in line to know about future product releases and promotional sales.

We have the occasional flash sale, that is a sale that starts and end quickly.

Starting in the new year, we intend to start a loyalty program. This will enable you to get higher discounts the more frequently you purchase from us.

We are still ironing out the details, but it is likely to be 5% discount, raising to 30% or 40% discount when you purchase again. You will only know about it if you are on the newsletter list.

New Products

Our New Shop will also be the first to get access to new products as they come online. We are intending to increase the product ranges that we hold. With launch promotions to planned to go with these product launches.

Get access to these exclusive discounts and notifications by signing up to the newsletter in the shop.

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You can also read more about us and the products and services we offer.


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