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Smart Home, Office or even Garden Offices

There has been a lot of news about Smart Homes, Smart Offices and even Smart Garden Offices. We can confirm that this is a true phenomenon and once you are hooked it becomes the norm. You then wonder how you ever got by without your smart devices. We are a technology company but fully aware of the security implications to a network in the Home or Office. You will be able to see how our smart office solutions will be able to help you avoid these problems.

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Smart Homes and Offices are a thing of now, not just the future

People have talked about the smart home/office revolution as a thing that is coming. We have done a lot of testing and got ourselves hooked. But you need to watch out for the pitfalls. It can all go wrong very quickly if you just jump in and don’t plan it right.

Our Smart Office Solutions

Wi-Fi or Zigbee?

That is the question many are asking these days. The answer is not that easy as to say just pick one or the other. There is excellent use cases for both, and you should play your project out carefully to avoid disappointment later.

Wi-Fi Devices


  • These devices are sometimes cheaper that the Zigbee version
  • During an internet outage you can still operate devices by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network
  • You can share individual devices with other users


  • If there is an internet outage the automations fail, Devices can’t communicate with each other, so pressing the light switch may not work

Zigbee Devices


  • During an internet outage these devices usually keep working as normal inside the house/office
  • They can be quicker to react to user interactions
  • You can spread the load and have backup hubs
  • Some automation will continue to work even if the Internet is not available
  • Connection can be better than Wi-Fi especially where Wi-Fi signal is not good


  • Require a hub to connect to
  • If the hub breaks down all devices attached to the hub will not work
  • The distance from the hub can vary so more than one hub maybe required
  • You tend to have to share the hub or whole home with others to be able to share these devices
Smart Automation in the home and office

Starting is easy

If you know what you want and just want to get started then go ahead to the store and start buying.

If you contact us about your needs and wants we will help you. Making a plan will be the first thing to do. We will assist you with this. The plan will include:

  • The required starting items
  • The optional extras
  • An ordered list of upgrade items
  • Plan to get all the automation to work

Purchasing Smart Solutions from CritchCorp Computers Ltd

With all our Smart products we support them. When you purchase through our store, you instantly get FREE setup support via our 0800 phone number for 30 days and Ticket Support for the entire warranty period. Also, your Smart Devices will automatically be registered for the Warranty Just login to your account and submit a new ticket to the relevant department. We are also creating more documents in our knowledgbase. You can upgrade to telephone support where we will call you and talk you through the setup. If any of your smart products develop a fault in the warranty period m then just get touch, and we will get it sorted.

Be sure to have a look at our next page about Secure Smart device Setup. Keep your network safe from any possible security issues.

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