Why do Yahoo give your eMail account to cybercriminals, no questions asked?

YahooMail, which has now merged with AOL to form OATH, part of Verizon, can allow others, including and most likely, cyber criminals who are out to hack your digital life, to permanently have your yahoo email address; and there is nothing you can do about it. Except get off their service as quickly as possible or don’t start to use them in the first place

Even though Yahoo has now been merged they have kept the terms and conditions, which some on the internet have called a privacy nightmare, largely the same.

The first part is the same as all other FREE email and social media companies, and that is that everything you put, send or receive belongs to you, BUT, you grant them a sublicense to do with your data whatever they please.

The second part is more worrying and that is the fact that, if, for any reason, your account is terminated; including because you didn’t have enough activity on it for a given length of time, which remains unspecified in the terms and conditions, so as they determine it, then they can and will make your username (email address) available for anyone else to register. Read More