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Gmail and Yahoo Mail 2FA thwarted by Iranian phishers

Gmail and Yahoo Mail 2FA thwarted by Iranian phishers

1 February, 2019
  A phishing gang in Iran has managed to bypass the two Factor Authentication (2FA) that Gmail and Yahoo Mail users use to secure their accounts. 2FA helps users to protect their accounts by adding an extra layer of security.…
New 773m email address and password hacked

New 773m email address and password hacked

18 January, 2019
  According to popular media there has been another batch of 773 million email addresses and 21 million passwords found on a hacking forum and around 140 million of the addresses may have been recently hacked as they have not…

Why do Yahoo give your eMail account to cybercriminals, no questions asked?

29 November, 2018
YahooMail, which has now merged with AOL to form OATH, part of Verizon, can allow others, including and most likely, cyber criminals who are out to hack your digital life, to permanently have your yahoo email address; and there is…

About Mat Honan’s Epic Hacking

27 August, 2012
I am sure that you have all heard about Mat Honan’s very bad weekend by now, But just in-case you have not, here is an overview of what happened. There is a very good podcast that you can listen to…

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Fraudulent Phone Calls

CritchCorp . 16 December, 2011
I have previously written in an email about this issue but it is still going on all round the world…

Stories of woe from the Fraudulent phone calls

CritchCorp . 23 December, 2011
There are many cases on the Internet about the problem with fraudulent phone calls from people pretending to be from…


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