All about us - CritchCorp Computers Ltd

This is the CritchCorp Computers Ltd Main site.

We help businesses around the world with their website hosting needs. From start-ups to well established firms looking for a secure place to put their web content. We have servers in data centres in the UK, USA and Europe. This allows for data redundancy with some of our services where up time and accessibility is critical.

CritchCorp Computers Ltd and its growing list of resellers and affiliates has been growing since 2006 as a limited company with roots going back as far as 2000, when the company name was first thought up.

Based in the UK, we have affiliates and resellers in several EU countries and hope to expand in the US. Currently we concentrate on large scale web designers who need large amounts of web space and easy access to DNS support in order to get their projects up and running with the least amount of downtime and zero impact on their clients businesses. We also manage an affiliate program which sees our own clients making cash for recommending our services to everyone. Nothing is better than a word from a happy customer; after all if they weren’t happy, they wouldn’t recommend us. Try us out and see for yourself.

We run promotions from time to time so don’t forget to sign up to our marketing emails which will inform you of any promotions and also of any Security Alerts and News about security issues that may affect you or your systems and how to deal with them. Computer, network and internet security is something we know a lot about and strive to keep people informed of the latest issues and how to protect yourself. See out NEWS pages to keep up-to-date. To get on to our mailing list, which is fully GDPR compliant, you will need to sign up for an account here.

We have a number of websites which offer information about our products and also portals and management tools to manage your company account. These can be found in the sidebar to the left under CritchCorp Sites and CritchCorp Control Panels. These are kept separate to make it easier to access the service you want without having to find it through a complicated menu system, however most of your services are also accessible from your control panel.

Keep this site bookmarked and you will always have the easiest access to everything you need.

Please feel free to contact us from the Contact us page or from your account at store.cc-computers.com or if we are online though our chat app in the bottom right hand corner.