Your Website

There are many ways to build a website these days. Most popular ways include using a common framework (or backend) such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, or a website builder such as Weebly. We offer WordPress, Drupal and Joomla Free with our Business hosting plan and you can customise it to look exactly how you like.

We now also offer Weebly FREE with all hositng packages. Unlimited pages and update as often as you like using their drag and drop software hosted on our servers, supported by CritchCorp Computers Ltd.

We also offer FREE shopping cart, Wiki and Forum software. There are many to choose from and we are updating the catalougue all the time.

Build your own or have one built for you

If you are comfortable with making your own website then we have all the tools to help you get going. If you prefer not to be bogged down with that sort of thing, then we can do it for you. Get in contact and tell us what you are looking for an we will make some recommendations and get some samples to you. Once you choose the basics we can refine it as we go along with featuers that you do or do not like.

Website builders such as Weebly can help as they use drag and drop technology to build your website. Checkout the Weebly plans here. The FREE version is available also with any hosting account, just choose your hosting account and it will be there in the options. You can use this even if your website is hosted elsewhere. You start saving money by hosting your site with us and using Weebly to make your website, look at our Special Offers here. Again if you really want to get going fast then we can build you a website in Weebly and you can then take it over and maintain it. You can create a shop and add products and even payment options so that people can buy from your store with exceptional rates.

We have exceptional rates for building websites based on your needs, so for a free quote please click here.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The is the black art of getting your website to rank highly in search enigines, as some would have you believe. It actually is not that difficult really but it takes time and knowledge to get it right. We have sucessfully helped clietns to get ranked highly for certain terms. The more popular the search term the more work is required to to get ranked.

We can manage it for you or teach you how to do it or a combination. It ‘s up to you. We have also got a tool to help you to mamage it yourself. It will scan your website and give yo a report to tell you where you are doing well and where you need to imporive. It will check the accuracy of your keywords and compare where you are with your competition giving you valuble insights in to how to imporve yourself.