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Delivery Shipping Information

We use different delivery companies depending on your selection and parcel type/contents.

For small items we use Royal Mail 1st or 2nd class post. For larger items we use a courier, this is typically Yodel but may be a different company as we see fit. They all tend to operate in the same way. We do offer, in some cases next day delivery as well.

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Order process

Once your order is placed you will receive a notification form eBay/us to say when your parcel is expected to arrive. This is made up of order processing/dispatch time plus delivery time.

Cut-off time for same day dispatch

Currently our cut-off time for same day dispatch is 07:30, however we will try to get any out same day up to around 14:30, but it is not guaranteed. Orders after 14:30 will be next day dispatch. This is due to operation reasons.

What is dispatch?

Dispatch is two parts. the first is the boxing up of the package (or placing in an envelope) and obtaining the necessary documents and labels for the courier/post. The second part is getting the parcel to the necessary collection point. (Parcel collection shop/locker/postbox). Same day dispatch depends on the relevant delivery method last collection time. We aim to get everything out as quickly as possible.

The stated dispatch time for each product can be different. Most are same day (by the stated time above) the rest are either 1 or 2 days after the order is placed. We don’t usually take that long to dispatch anything but for some items it may be required from time to time.

Delivery via Royal Mail (1st and 2nd Class post items)

These items need to be in our local post box by no later than 16:00. Orders that come in later than our stated cut-off time above may not have time to be completed. We always try to get everything out ASAP. We will not compromise the rest of the deliveries to get yours out as then everyone’s package will be late.

Royal mail will collect your package form the post boxes and they will begin processing them at 01:00 until 06:00. 1st Class post should be delivered after 06:00 on this next day (if it is a working day) whereas 2nd class post will take up to 3 working days to be delivered. REMEMBER: Royal Mail do not class Saturdays, Sundays or Public/Bank Holidays as working days. Your package may be delivered on Saturday but this is considered a bonus. This means that if your package is posted on a Friday, you can expect it on Monday (1st Class) and Wednesday (2nd Class). Anything posted after the deadline above on Friday will be considered as being posted on Monday so an extra day will be added to the delivery days.

Delivery Example:

Order at 17:00 Monday –> Picked, Packed, Labelled & Dispatched Monday –> RM Pickup from post box Tuesday 16:00 –> Processed (Wed 01:00 – 06:00) –> 1st Class delivered Wednesday/2nd Class delivered Friday

Please note: We have no control over how the Royal Mail operates and get absolutely no special treatment from them at all. It is possible for items of post to take considerably longer than the above times. They will not consider any complaint for at least 10 days after the expected delivery times above. There is also no tracking apart from proof of posting with this class of package. If it doesn’t arrive by the 10 days after the expected delivery time then we will help you to sort it out and may replace the item for you.

Delivery via Yodel/Other Couriers

The benefits of using this type of delivery is that you get tracking information and in some cases the option to delay or divert your parcel as needed.

After the dispatch as above your parcel will be taken to our local Parcel Shop/Locker or may be collected from us directly. As for items that are delivered to a locker, we have no control over when they will be collected. It should be within in 24 hours from when we drop them off (working days only). This is the reason we tend to use a parcel shop. We get to know our local shop owner and can gauge more easily when the pickups happen.

Our cut-off time reflects our current ability to maximise the chance of your parcel getting to you the quickest. We make one deliver to the parcel shop per day as there is only one collection from the shop per day. We aim to be there before this happens. There is no guaranteed time for the driver to pick up form the parcel shop. They can collect anytime between 07:00 and 19:00. Our local one most often comes after 09:00 but before13:00. As we have no way to know if they have been or not we aim to get all parcels to the parcel shop before 09:00. Any orders placed after our order cut-off above will be taken in the next days delivery.

Delivery Example

Order placed at 15:00 Monday –> Picked, Packed, Labelled & Dispatched Monday –> delivered to Parcel Shop Tuesday 09:00 –> Collected form Parcel Shop 09:30 –> Delivered Wednesday for Next Day, Thursday/Friday for 2-3 day services.

We have no control over how they operate. We must rely on our kind shop keeper to keep us up-to-date with the latest collection times. There is no guarantee that your parcel will be collected on the day that it is delivered to the shop. This is because they make no guarantee as to when they will collect it. In certain exceptional cases they may not collect on a particular day due to their operation issues (staff sickness etc.) They also only work on Monday to Friday and not on Bank/Public Holidays.

In certain cases we may offer really expensive next day delivery. This may be with you sooner but will depend on the cut=off time for the specific courier.

We hope that this helps you to understand how parcel deliveries happen. Generally we offer multiple delivery options on our eBay listings, which you can select at checkout. For smaller items, If you need it to get to you quicker than 2nd Class then please select 1st class. (1st Class is generally treated better by RM anyway and has a greater chance of being delivered on a Saturday (although still not guaranteed).

If you need actual next day delivery, then please get in contact first. There are many factors that need to be taken in to account. We may help to source a courier that can achieve this but there will be additional costs involved. These are generally prohibitively expensive so we don’t normally include them in the options.

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